[SONG OF THE DAY] Bronze Whale - "Cruising"


Last week Austin groove gods Bronze Whale released their first track of 2019, “Cruising”. Following the slightly more upbeat tracks, “Never” and “One” that were released near the end of 2018, “Cruising” subtly shifts gears with the song’s steady pulsating hypnotic synths and gradual builds. If you were to accidentally put this song on repeat before going for a drive to clear your head you might end up states away from where you started without noticing the amount of time or distance that has elapsed.

“It delivered exactly the feeling we wanted,” the duo said of the track. “That first moment when the lights hit and a show begins. Cruise control on an open highway. Enjoying the night.”

With every song they’ve delivered in the past 6 months I’m very much looking forward to birthday month (April), which is when Benny and Jacques are expected to release their debut full-length, The Shape Of Things.