Late last week Margate, UK artist BABii unveiled her karaoke-esque style music video for her recent single, “SEiiZURE”. If you’re having trouble following along with the lyrics, that’s because the words are all written in BABii’s own pictorial alphabet. Speaking about the video, BABii said "FROM MAKiiN THiiS ViiDEO iiVE REALiiSED THAT ii AM JUST TRYiiNG TO LiiVE MY CHiiLDHOOD GiiRL DREAMS WiiTH ALL THE THiiNGS ii MAKE AROUND MUSiiC. iiTS FUN AND ii LiiKE iiT."

Where does one learn to speak fluent BABii, I wonder?? 🤔🤔🤔

“SEiiZURE” comes from her forthcoming debut full-length, HiiDE, which will be released later this year courtesy of Deathwaltz Originals.

Folks across the pond can catch her at a few shows coming up in Berlin, Munich, and London. Those of us in the US of A gotta figure out last minute SXSW plans if we plan on seeing her live any time soon.

See BABii live:
1/3 Gretchen, Berlin (DJ set) w/ Iglooghost + Kai Whiston
2/3 Common Ground, Munich w/ Iglooghost + Kai Whiston 
7/3 Scala, London supporting Crooked Colours 
11/3 - 17/3 SXSW, Austin