[SONG OF THE DAY] Jakuzi - "Yangın"

jakuzi_ %22Yangın%22.png

My beloved Turkish darklings Jakuzi have released another track from their gorgeous upcoming sophomore album, Hata Payı, which drops on April 5th courtesy of City Slang. As of today I can speak with authority about the awesomeness of said album because since it hit my inbox this morning I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

This new track, “Yangın”, which literally translates to "Fire”, deals with feeling stuck in your current situation, more often than not because we’re our own worst enemy. As singer Kutay Soyocak shared, "My life is in a process of development and I am trying to go somewhere I would like to be. As this process goes on, a personal defect of mine distracts my attention and all of a sudden, I start watching it and that stops me. I am getting passive.”  

The band have paired the single to the below video which perfectly encapsulates Soyoack’s feelings. The gloomy scene portrayed comes off like there’s something wrong with the video once it zooms out on Soyoack sitting on the rooftop, but it’s just the somber reality of the situation at hand.