[SONG OF THE DAY] Yuksek - "I Don't Have A Drum Machine"


On Friday my most favorite Frenchie, disco-house producer Yuksek released his latest track, “I Don’t Have A Drum Machine”, which is his first release on Classic Music Company. In true Yuksek fashion, he’s carefully crafted a timeless disco delicacy that is effortlessly cool. Apparently I am the only person on the internet that cares to know the nitty gritty on this track’s most prominent feature, which is the voiceover that Yuksek utilizes to gradually layer on more dancetastic elements. The voice of the OG drum machine is none other than Philly disco soul drummer Earl Young (of The Trammps fame) explaining his four on the floor drum beat that created the recognizable disco drum beat we all know and love. Apparently this track was originally previously available on the internet as part of a Recover Re-Edits compilation via Yuksek’s label Partyfine that features the likes of Jean Tonique, CLAAP, and Santana. You can check out all of that over on the Partyfine Bandcamp.


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