[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "Science"

Pharmacy PRESS 16-9 (1).jpg

Lovely London lads San Scout are back with a brand new single, “Science”.

Yes, every time I’ve played this track I’ve thought of this:

yeah science.gif

Following up their previous track, “Soap”, which contrary to the belief of certain outlets isn’t entirely about personal hygiene, this new song is about the frustration that comes with reclaiming your sanity. Speaking on the track, the duo explained, “We wanted to make something that was aggressive - again, to juxtapose that sedentary lifestyle.”

I wish I could sound this lovely when I get aggro. Maybe I need to head to The Pharmacy and see if there are any clues on perfecting this for myself. Have you peeped that little immersive world of theirs yet? It’s def worth a look around, if only to find their phone number so you can text them really nice things.

Speaking on texting these dudes, working on an interview in the coming week so keep an eye out for that.

Okay one more time for good measure:

yeah science.gif

You love me. Admit it.