[SONG OF THE DAY] I Know Leopard - "Heather"

photo credit: Lisa Businovski

photo credit: Lisa Businovski

Folks who have seen my Tweetdeck setup often give me the side-eye like I’m a nutcase with all my different columns going, but my FOMO-driven nosiness on Twitter dot com is how I end up with absolute fucking gems like the latest from Sydney four-piece I Know Leopard. Given the level to which I love Slum Sociable’s songs so hard some days I’m afraid I might break them, this would lend you all to agree that I’d be more likely to trust their taste if they’re talking about music. One casual tweet from them, a few moments of digging around later, and I was HOOKED.

I’m still getting caught up on everything that makes this band amazing, but we’ll start with their brand new track, “Heather”. This earworm of a song is three minutes and twenty-four seconds of indie pop perfection. Taken from their forthcoming [apparently] highly anticipated debut full-length, Love Is A Landmine, the song is a totally #relatable love song, with frontman Luke O’Loughlin lamenting a lover who has obviously been playing some serious head games. The song follows lead single, “Landmine”, another infectious poptastic track about the perils of love. Actually according to O’Loughlin, "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't an album full of love songs, but not always in the classic romantic sense.” He adds, "It reflects on experiences where attempts at love are met with confusion, pain and alienation. The record also explores the importance of learning to love yourself before you can successfully love someone else."

Imma keep it 💯 with you guys, I would endure SXSW just for this band if the opportunity presented itself. If you’re going, you must see them. I will get more info as I get more acclimated to this hit factory of a band and share though, trust.

Love Is A Landmine is out on April 5th, because of course this is dropping during birthday month.