[SONG OF THE DAY] Kyan Palmer x nicopop. - "Antisocial Socialites (feat. Yuri Joness)"


LA poptastic newcomers Kyan Palmer and nicopop. are slowly rolling out the fruits spawning from their fateful first-time songwriting session set up by their managers. "We have a similar work ethic and taste pallets that compliment each other really nicely in the studio." nicopop. explained, "I truly feel that when Kyan and I work together, we make the music we’ve always wanted to be making.” While a lot of the songs that the two collaborated on ended up being mostly pitches for other artists, the duo saved some of their faves to release on their own throughout the year.

Following up the launch of their collab, “Unofficial Lover”, their latest track, “Antisocial Socialites” is the anthem for occasionally blowing off going out on the weekends and staying home to relax. The pressure to go out 24/7 a la “work hard, play hard(er)” is honestly really annoying, especially if part of it entails interacting with people who drain the life out of you. Sometimes it’s better to just stay in, especially if there’s the potential to just Netflix and chill instead as the song casually hints to.