Berlin alt-pop artist Novaa has shared the video for her latest single, “HMLTM”, off her forthcoming self-titled debut full length, which is slated for an April 26th release. The song tackles the singers personal battle with bulimia and her journey toward self-acceptance.

As she told Complex, "There was a time in my teens when I didn't like my body and didn't treat it in a loving way. That included my eating and exercise habits, how much I worked and how little I rested, the way I looked at and talked to it and it also included that I felt ashamed for getting physical with others. As I recovered from bulimia and healed the connection between my mind and body again, I also learned how to value, appreciate and take care of it again. Writing 'HMLTM' was my way of manifesting how to treat my body and its needs in a caring and loving way.”

She continued, "'HMLTM' might come off as an ordinary song about getting physical with someone and actually that's exactly what it's meant to be. Often as a woman it's not considered to be ordinary or normal to talk about your physical needs and your sexuality without feeling ashamed for it. With 'HMLTM' I wanted to write a song that is upfront and talks open about it."