[SONG OF THE DAY] MID CITY - "No Surrender"


Hold on to your fucking eardrums, fam. The thunder from down under is back!!!

Before I dive into this, I would like to file a formal complaint against time zones. I had to wait 16 additional hours than I feel like I should have to get my hands on this new nugget from Melbourne four-piece MID CITY and I’m SO OFFENDED BY TIME.


Before MID CITY came into my life I was kind of starting to get worried that I was *over* rock/indie rock, but it turns out everything I was coming in contact with was just boring me to tears. Leave it to Australia to show us how it’s done yet AGAIN.

The latest offering from the band, “No Surrender”, comes with the wondrous news that the band will be releasing their debut EP on April 5th, appropriately titled Die Waiting cause that’s definitely me now that I’ve heard their followup to "Old Habits”. Easing up just a tad on the gas, the four-piece continue to barrel along, guitars blazing, this time with a song about the impact of losing yourself in your online persona.

As lead singer Joel Griffith shared,

“’No Surrender’ is about the true impact of the digital age we find ourselves living in, making it too easy to lose yourself trying to impress. So, our digital reflection is our only concern. Now every day is for wrenching the spotlight. People become twisted, nightmarish versions of themselves catapulting through that rabbit hole. It's so easy and so indispensable that we become addicts not just to platforms but to a way of acting and portraying ourselves. We say shit we’d never say, we do shit we’d never do, we start to believe shit we’d never believe… “