[SONG OF THE DAY] Young & Sick - "No Good"

photo credit: Galen Oakes

photo credit: Galen Oakes

Just this morning I was bopping “Jet Black Heart” this morning and thought to myself, “ugh yo Young & Sick is so good. When is that EP coming out again?”

Totally forgot it dropped on Friday. No worries tho. Crisis averted and all of that. It’s A Storm has been ingested into my chest cavity and HOOOO BOY THERE ARE A LOT OF FEELS GOING ON WITH THIS RECORD.

Life, you see, it’s not a breeze. It’s a storm.

If you wanna shimmy your way through your complicated feels about life, this is the absolute perfect soundtrack for that.

Word on the street is that the LA producer allegedly has more in the works so I promise to be more diligent in checking in on his whereabouts.