[SONG OF THE DAY] Saro - "Nothing Remains"

Saro 2019

I think the thing I love most about Los Angeles singer Saro is the way that he can articulate the deeply seated pain he's clearly felt into such breathtaking ways. With his approach to this latest track, “Nothing Remains”, he faces the debilitating anguish of heartbreak head on, showcasing the varying levels of intensity that one can feel individually or simultaneously. The chorus alone is its own moment of emotional purging, depending how deep your wounds are. If you’re not careful this song will crack your chest cavity wide open, find any lingering heartache, and REALLY make you feel that shit. I guess to an extent that’s not the worst thing because “what you reveal you heal” and all of that. Still tho. OOOF. As with most of Saro’s songs if you’re not adequately prepared you will receive a swift kick to the feels basically immediately.

Speaking on the track, Saro shared via Instagram, “‘Nothing Remains’ is an embracement of pure heartbreak—the unfathomable feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, and regret you didn’t know existed until it took you over; the inability to eat or sleep for days because the loss stole bodily function from you; the recurring thought that if only i had the right words to say, maybe things would be different.”

He also shared a fun fact about the artwork for the single that gives a very thoughtful nod to the notion that the song is able to act a bit like a cleansing by fire: the charred tree that he’s hanging from is one that barely survived the fires in Malibu last year.