[SONG OF THE DAY] Big Data - "Put Me To Work"

big data 2019.jpg

Black Mirror popstar Big Data resurfaced with a brand new track from his forthcoming sophomore LP, 3.0. This new song, “Put Me To Work” while in the same vein of his well-known digital dystopian subject matter, is this time from the perspective of the robot rather than his semi-regular human-centric point of view. This is actually a really clever move on project mastermind Alan Wilkis’ part because the observations that we can take away from this perspective are really quite interesting. The robot mostly gushes about how eager it is to be put to work and all the ways it will be beneficial to the human it’s presumably addressing. Then almost in the same breath the robot is singing a different tune, alluding to replacing humanity without any regard of our collective well being. Maybe Mayer Hawthorne should be co-writing with Alan more often if songs like this are the fruits of their collective labor.

Tell you what, I’d love to put Alan Wilkis and Roman Rappak of Miro Shot in a room together and facilitate a lengthy chat about technology. Given how drastically their respective projects envision technology’s impact on society, it certainly wouldn’t be a boring discussion by any means.

PS - still no word on an actual release date or any other details about the elusive 3.0, but you know who will be more than happy to keep you posted once that info is readily available.