[WATCH] NAO's AI-Driven "Orbit" Video

photo credit: Jay Carroll

photo credit: Jay Carroll

…..did someone say, “NAO made an AI-driven music video”???

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This is so super fun and cute you have to give it a try for yourself!

Playing off the theme of her sophomore album, Saturn, which dropped last year, soul singer NAO teamed up with the likes of Microsoft for a gorgeous interactive piece for “Orbit”. Given the number of variables that go into generating the dazzling music video, everyone is guaranteed a completely unique viewing experience.

To see how dope this is firsthand, all you have to do is head to the Orbit site and plug in your birthday. The AI then generates a zodiac-filled night sky in which NAO and a dancer move. From there you’re able to customize the colors of the sky, stars, and the dancers bodies. The AI also picks up the different constellations in the dancer’s bodies as well as the fan’s own astrological sign. This Aries bitch is ALL ABOUT FLAUNTING MY STARRY SHIT so I could just play with the colors and watch NAO and the dancer do their lil motion capture all day long.

If you want to flaunt a sampling of your starry creation, there’s an option to share to Facebook and Twitter, as well as download a square or vertical video should you want to post on Instagram as well. As you’ll see below, mine shows NAO posing in an Aries stance along with a plot of Saturn’s return.

You know I love a nerd moment so here is the official explanation of how the video was made:

“The process for the music video began at Microsoft’s volumetric capture studio in San Francisco, where cameras captured NAO and a dancer performing choreography to “Orbit” that transformed their bodies into point clouds of data. The Microsoft Azure Custom Vision Service was then trained to identify constellations within their movements, resulting in a truly customized experience that allows fans to connect emotionally with NAO’s own personal story.”

Go give it a try for yourself! Bonus points if you show me your videos!

PS YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO! Omg NAO is so precious and excited about leveraging this kind of technology to tell her story. I just wanna put her in my hoodie pocket and keep her safe foreverrrrrrrr.

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