[SONG OF THE DAY] Mtbrd - "Wanna Be Your Lover"

wanna be your lover.jpg

Today in The Algorithm™ Moves In Mysterious Ways: a couple of years back I stumbled into Cheshire, UK future funk producer Mtbrd and upon hearing the track, “Give You” was quickly enamored with their 2013 album BΞΛTΛPΞ. From the looks of things across their internets we have a diamond in the rough slowly transitioning from casually releasing music exclusively on Bandcamp and Soundcloud to making a valiant leap into taking their craft more seriously.

And they should.

With the move to properly release “Wanna Be Your Lover”, a track that’s been lingering on Soundcloud for a couple of years now to streaming services, I finally broke down and slid my way into their DMs and I am happy to confirm that this is a signifier of more music to come from them in 2019. There is a new full length album coming (details TBA) but this throwback track won’t be included on said album.

Don’t fret, I intend to coax more info about this elusive groove machine in the coming months to share though. 😎