[SONG OF THE DAY] Souls - "We Will Walk (feat. Big Zuu)"

Big Zuu & SOULS

Big Zuu & SOULS

London electronic producer David Gledhill better known to SKOA fam as SOULS has returned with a new flex. For the first time in the history SOULS, David enlisted a modern artist, West London rapper Big Zuu, for a feature on this new track, “We Will Walk”.

As David told Wonderland Magazine, “I’ve been sitting on the music to ‘We Will Walk’ for six years. But it needed a feature and I wanted to wait for the right one. Zuu brought something indescribable to it that was well worth the wait. It encapsulates everything I set out to do with this project. If the song comes out and resonates with people, lovely, but I can die happy just knowing Zuu and I created something special.”

The fruits of their collaborative labor is indeed something truly special. David is always good for meticulously crafting a thoughtful transformative throwback vibe, but the Big Zuu element to “We Will Walk” really connects the past to present day in such a uniquely lovely way. I am absolutely enamored with this.

Still no word on anymore details for this new album that’s on its way, but given how patient David was to find the perfect feature for this track, I guess I will also begrudgingly be patient for updates.