[SONG OF THE DAY] Husky Loops - "Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me"

photo credit: Henry Gill

photo credit: Henry Gill

Oh happy day! Husky Loops are back and they brought a MOOD along with news about their forthcoming debut full-length. The new track, “Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” is the anxiety laden anthem I didn’t realize was missing from my life until it hit my eardums. Throughout the song frontman Pier Danio Forni essentially walks through the ways that anxiety can take a toll on your life. The chorus is a bit of a snapshot of the frantic thoughts that swirl through an anxious mind. Ironically enough I find repetitiveness of the chorus to be really relaxing. Dis why I fux with Husky Loops. Clever clever lads.

“Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” is our second taste from their debut LP, I Can’t Even Speak English, which will be out on August 14th courtesy of Fighting Ourselves / 30th Century Records. The album title is obvi a nice little chuckle at their own expense, given that the now London based band grew up in Italy. Tracklisting and artwork for the album is below. Gonna be honest, REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT A SONG CALLED “FUCK ME NATURALLY” SOUNDS LIKE.

I Can’t Even Speak English tracklisting

  1. A message from Lily to a friend – Intro

  2. Good As Gold

  3. Yes I Know What I’m Gonna Do

  4. Temporary Volcano

  5. Enemy Is Yourself

  6. Let Go For Nothing

  7. The Reasonable Thing

  8. Slippin’

  9. A Little Something

  10. FredAgain_niceboy – Snippet

  11. Fuck Me Naturally feat. Mother MaryGold

  12. Everyone’s Having Fun Fun Fun But Me

  13. Joy (Outro)