[SONG OF THE DAY] Holy Ghost! - "Do This"

photo credit: Harry McNally

photo credit: Harry McNally

On Friday NYC duo Holy Ghost! dropped another taste from their forthcoming LP, Work, which is out June 21st via the legendary West End Records. Their new track, “Do This”, is as candid and incredibly thoughtful as it is the kind of glimmering low-key vibe that one would want to put on to savor the last few hours of the weekend.

In making this album NY natives Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser decided that for this record in particular that they were going to focus their efforts on the same creative process that resulted in their 2011 debut self-titled album. An album free of any sort of expectations and really returning to crafting a vibe for the sake of vibing out vs. chasing trends that we see in dance music today, especially as it’s related to likes, stream counts, etc. “Do It” is their way of making their intentions for the album as blatantly obvious as possible.

How blatantly obvious? Here are the lyrics to the first verse:

You must think I’m stupid / For chasing a sound / For running it down / For holding my ground.

You must think I’m ruthless / Impeccably mean / But I know what i want / It means something to me.

And I don't usually do this / But that data has shown, I should probably go home

Yep. That. Obvious.

"There's a data epidemic in the music industry. Everyone is obsessed with likes, stream counts, ‘the algorithm’ etc...,” frontman Alex Frankel explained while speaking on the track, “For a band like us, who like to take our time in the studio  and perform with a live band and make actual records from scratch, it starts to really bum you out when people around you are more focused on Instagram stats and ‘reactions’ than the music.”

Def not wrong there, my dude. While we know how much I love #thedata and The Algorithm™, my ass knows better than to believe that’s the only thing that’s gonna fix the mountain of still unsolved problems the music industry had prior to the Napster era, MySpace music, etc.

Either way, I sort of always had this inkling that Holy Ghost! were ✨my people✨, but this jam absolutely confirmed that. Definitely intend to go on record to discuss this at greater length as we get closer to the album’s release.

Speaking of June 21st, ICYMI NY fam the album release show at Bowery Ballroom has sold out and the fellas have just added a second show on the following night, so now you have no excuse to not come out and dance your ass off with me.

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