[SONG OF THE DAY] Bene - "Evil Spider"

Bene_Press Photo 1 (Lead Image).jpg

Kiwi alt-pop powerhouse Bene is about to lure her way into your heart with her catchy web full of silky vocals and chill throwback vibes in her latest track, “Evil Spider”. The track follows up the Auckland, New Zealand native’s earlier earworm, “Soaked” and is about longing for someone who’s already taken.

Speaking on the track, Bene explained, “When writing the song, I didn’t wanna make the lyrics too obviously evil, so I thought I’d turn myself into the spider, making it a lil lighter and making the song revolve around me weaving webs to lure the person, catch ‘em like a spider then reel them in. I remember humming ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in the studio, which inspired the playful vibe of the song.”

In addition to the new track, Bene has also revealed that she’ll be dropping her debut EP on June 28th. Oh! And she’ll also be gracing us NYers with her presence on June 17th at Mercury Lounge. You can grab tickets now and join me for what will most likely be a bopfest.