[SONG OF THE DAY] The Goods - "Let's Roll (feat. Touch Sensitive)"

The Goods and Touch Sensitive 2019

We know I’ve been scrambling to assemble the sounds of the summer for this year but imma need to take a minute with this latest track from Sydney trio The Goods because good fucking Lorde this is so damn smoooooooove.

Building on their reputation for funky synth-stacked jams, the fellas enlisted my #1 professional nu-disco crush, none other than Touch Sensitive, for their follow up to last year’s Make Your Move EP. “Let’s Roll” is one of those songs that your brain will wander to when you’re looking back on a perfect night out. It’s a song that when it comes on you’re going to find yourself unable to hold still. Even if you’re sitting on a crowded subway train you’re always gonna realize that your shoulders are bouncing just a bit. It sounds like every incredible night I’ve ever had. You know those nights that started off all unassuming and ended up at a really amazing place where everything just felt perfect? Yeah, they bottled that. I don’t know how, but they did.

Literally me rn listening to this song:


Y’all are you ready to strap in with me and The Goods? I can tell already it’s gonna be a good fucking summer.

And this is gonna be the soundtrack to every last good vibe.