#SKOA30: Some Kind of Awesome's 30 Day Song Challenge

feel free to steal and share with your friends!

feel free to steal and share with your friends!

Hello family,

I’d like to present to your cute faces #SKOA30: it’s like #whole30 but way less annoying and actually good for you! 🤪😂

I’ve wanted to try something like this for a minute and finally got around to some prompts that I think would be super fun to get people to talk about.

As we all know I live for talking about music on the internet, but I thought it would be cool if we could start some really fun conversations with potential friends (aka strangers) on the internet about songs we’ve been loving for awhile and not always just the NEWEST and FRESHEST and BUZZIEST because honestly tryna feed the hype machine can get really exhausting. So this is as much of a therapeutic thing for me as it is a hopefully fun thing for you to join me with.

I’ll be posting daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the prompts, so you have more than enough places to join the conversation, just make sure you use #SKOA30 so I can find you if you decide to post on your own.

Oh! I’m also going to be compiling my picks as well as any songs I see with that tag into this playlist that I’ll be re-sharing a bunch. Also - absolutely feel free to start this challenge whenever you want! You don’t have to do it the same time that I do. All that matters is sharing is caring!


Here’s the full list of the days to come, starting TOMORROW:

Day 1: A song you recently shared with a friend
Day 2: A song that always helps to cheer you up 
Day 3: A song that always helps you concentrate
Day 4: A song you’ve probably performed the most at karaoke 
Day 5: A song that you always wanna party to 
Day 6: A song that motivates you 
Day 7: A song that is impossible for you not to dance to
Day 8: A song you hadn’t heard in ages but heard recently 
Day 9: A song that means a lot to you that barely anyone has heard of 
Day 10: A song that’s longer than average 
Day 11: A song that makes your heart race every time 
Day 12: A song that brings up painful memories 
Day 13: A song that brings up the happiest of memories 
Day 14: A song that others would probably choose to describe you 
Day 15: A song that best describes your personality 
Day 16: A song that describes your best friend 
Day 17: A song that makes you feel sexy
Day 18: A song you’d send a crush as a means to flirt with them 
Day 19: A song you hope your crush would send in response 
Day 20: A song that you didn’t love at first but grew to love deeply 
Day 21: A song that you initially misheard the lyrics 
Day 22: A song from an LGBTQ+ artist
Day 23: A song that gave you an entirely different perspective on life 
Day 24: A song by your favorite female artist 
Day 25: A song you can never play quietly 
Day 26: A remix of a song that you like more than the original 
Day 27: A cover of a song that you like better than the original 
Day 28: A song that gets stuck in your head the most 
Day 29: A song you discovered by Shazam-ing
Day 30: A song that an algorithm recommended and it felt a little too perfect for you