[#SKOA30] Day 2: A Song That Always Helps To Cheer You Up


Calvin Harris has been a constant source of happiness for me since his debut I Created Disco. Tbh It’s really been a delight to celebrate his ascension into superstardom (Tay Swift and all) after his breakout hit, “I’m Not Alone” from his followup to that album Ready For The Weekend. When that record dropped I probably played it in incredibly unhealthy amounts. Actually I just checked and Last.fm verified this as it’s my #1 scrobbled album of all time 😳.

The album’s opening track, “The Rain”, is both a song a go-to when I’m feeling blue and a song I hope to fully embody one day. Whoever Adam was referring to in the song has always sounded like the kind of woman I’d totally want to hang out with in hopes of absorbing her confidence and sexiness that’s inherent from said confidence.

Just the thought of Adam himself singing the lyric “these are the good times in your life, so put on a smile and it’ll be all right” pulls the corners of my mouth upwards just a little bit, even if I’m having the shittiest day ever.