[#SKOA30] Day 3: A Song That Always Helps You Concentrate


I don’t know why hard hitting dance records are always what I reach for when I’m trying desperately to focus and get some shit done, but I do. Maybe the parts of my brain that are trying to keep up with what is happening to my ears help move the parts that are getting shit done along faster?

Whatever the case may be, French producer Yuksek (born Pierre-Alexandre Busson)’s 2008 masterpiece, Away From The Sea is my go-to record for all sorts of moods, but definitely for when I need to focus and be extra awesome. This record only recently was added to Spotify in full, but since my Yuksek fandom started pre-streaming services I was more than happy to open iTunes every time I needed the extra boost. “Tonight” is the second track on the album, following the glitchy electrifying opener, “Break Ya”. Every time I put this record on to get to work on something, “Break Ya” tells my brain, “oh amazing we’re actually gonna crush some shit”, but the second “Tonight” hits it’s immediately the signal to go full steam ahead.

I had the privilege of interviewing Pierre just as his last studio album Nous Horizons was dropping back in 2016. I really admire the way he approaches his craft. He’s one of those producers that’s really mastered the art of the groove. I’m truly grateful that I gain insight from someone so brilliant firsthand.