[SONG OF THE DAY] Joywave - "Like A Kennedy"

Joywave 2019

Rochester indie pop rockers Joywave have announced that their forthcoming 3rd LP is on the way.

Hell the fuck yes.

While they wrap up the record, the band have released a new single, “Like A Kennedy”.

This is a track that absolutely captivating from the very first second that singer Daniel Armbruster opens his mouth. As he explains, “It's a song about complete exhaustion and media burnout. It's an anti-chaos song.”

Although the choice of words here paint the unsightly picture that is media burnout quite vividly, I’m sure a lot of folks will interpret it to be politically driven as he practically whimpers things like “Do they think they’ll bomb us all?. I don’t know.”, “Do you think they’ll build the wall? I don’t know.”

I believe I am required by law to take as much time as is needed to talk about Daniel’s performance on this song because y’all his choice of phrasing will literally knock the wind out of you if you’re not careful. His voice is notorious for being such a powerful instrument, but his decision to be very tender with these words will punch you right smack dab in the feels. There was a clear decision to be made with these lyrics that they could either demonstrate the chaos that exhausts us all or to deliver one of the most powerful universally relatable songs I’ve heard in a very long time. The latter was undoubtedly the right decision in my opinion as I have been on the verge of tears by the end of this song more times than I’d like to admit since this dropped on Friday. This one really sits deep in your soul. I haven’t been this deeply moved by something in a minute.

Daniel adds, “I don't think people should check out, but I think it's beneficial to at least zoom out and not take the bait every time. It feels like everything is designed to keep us enraged 24 hours a day,

We deserve a little bit of sanity.