[#SKOA30] Day 4: A Song You’ve Probably Performed The Most At Karaoke


Most NYers go through this one phase where you pile into karaoke bars like all the time, specifically the ones with the private rooms, and get really fucking weird in there. IMO the best ones are in Little Korea because most are byob, they’re less fussy about how rowdy you get, and the books of songs are thicccccccc af.

That said, if your standard janky ass karaoke spot in middle America doesn’t have No Doubt’s iconic “Just A Girl” GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

It’s an absolute no brainer for me karaoke. I’ve loved this song so hard for so long that I can practically sing it BACKWARDS if you needed me to. If the liquid courage hasn’t hit my fellow karaoke participants yet and are feeling a little shy, I have this Ace up my sleeve to get everyone else loosened up. Once I’m done essentially humiliating myself to this song, I guess everyone else figures it can’t get any worse than that.

It’s not that I’m tone deaf, but I bet you’d be surprised to hear that I’m a real ham at karaoke. The second the cheesy ass title card flashes on the screen and I’ve got that mic in my hand for this one I immediately transform into Gwen Stefani with her 3 millimeter thick eyebrows, problematic bindi, cropped tank top, and bondage pants. For 24 years now (wow) I have felt this song all the way down to the tips of my toes, resulting in my delivery of the song to be absolutely ridiculous. If anyone ever recorded me doing this song I’d probably have to murder them (or at the very least steal their phone and wipe that video from existence immediately). I get sassy. I get in your face. I twirl my hair, look all innocent as I sing, “I’m just a girl,” before wailing, “THAT’S ALL THAT YOU’LL LET ME BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I go full Gwen, minus the pushups.

It’s….certainly something lmfao.

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