[#SKOA30] DAY 5: A Song That You Always Wanna Party To


This one’s coming out later than I wanted because apparently I decided to really own the theme for today because I partied all night and am just now able to get to this.

We know how I love making playlists. My favorite ones to make are for parties. I normally try to cater them to the attendees that have RSVP’d, but a song that I always love to toss in for good measure is the bop that just wont stop known as The Rapture’s “Whoo! Alright-Yeah…Uh Huh” from their 2006 album, Pieces Of The People We Love. The bouncey bass just puts the biggest smile on my face My goofy ass always want to act out the lyrics at the end, which always makes for an entertaining moment at any party really.