[SONG OF THE DAY] Slum Sociable - "Life Is Free"


Yesterday the beloved Slum fam have graced us with their presence for the first time this year with a new song, “Life Is Free” and the oh so delightful news that they’ll be releasing an EP titled L.I.F. on August 2nd. Speaking on the track, the band shares, "'Life Is Free' was called that because, it isn't. The second line of the song points that out; "how can I say that knowingly". It’s about noticing how valuable a resource like time is, how you use it with the people in your life, how other people who might not have it as good as you use it, and ultimately trying to use it for good."

Tell you what man, so glad these guys took as much time as they needed into investing into themselves and their mental health because they have so many wonderful things on their heart to share with the world.

PS - ICYMI recently the guys stopped by triple j for a Like A Version session where they covered Mark Ronson and The Business International’s popular track “Somebody To Love Me”. Singer Miller Upchurch really owned the shit out the song, I found his performance of an already emotional song to be very moving. Dare I say Boy George and Andrew Wyatt (who originally sang on the track) would be thoroughly impressed and even a little intimidated by it, that’s how much I enjoyed it. So yeah, def go have a look and listen at that.

YAYYYY the boys are back in town! The. Boys. Are. Back. In. Town!!!!!