[#SKOA30] Day 7: A Song That Is Impossible For You Not To Dance To



This has already been such a delight to see people’s picks for each day. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING ALONG.

As you can probably guess given the kinds of songs that I gush into this Squarespace about on a daily basis that I have more than enough things to dance to at any given moment. Recently I noticed that I have increasingly become really fixated on coming up with fun little dance moves to this song every time I play it. There’s something really entrancing about “Ghostrider”, a bonus track on the deluxe version of Big Black Delta’s self-titled debut LP, that makes it next to impossible for me to sit still while I’m listening to this song. It might be the bouncy synth on loop as the primary backbone of the song or the way that the bass just kinda slaps into a fizzle at your eardrums that makes me feel like I’ve had multiple cold brews within a short span of time. Doesn’t matter where I am, I could be in the shower, on the subway, walking somewhere, or anything mundane and when this comes on I’ll feel my head start to snap back and forth, then my shoulders start to shimmy a bit, and then depending on how much I can act a fool without causing a scene determines how much I boogie down.