[SONG OF THE DAY] Syrup - "Ride Safe"

lovingly lifted from  Syrup’s Facebook

lovingly lifted from Syrup’s Facebook

Another day another Aussie baby band to share through, lol

Happened to notice a couple months ago that the Slum Sociable sweeties were bragging on a project that they recently produced. The teaser they shared had piqued my interest enough to keep tabs on this project that was set to launch days later. Enter: brand spanking new Brisbane duo Syrup who you may have caught in diSKOAver weekly early last month with their debut track, “Something To Wear”. The indie pop duo have followed up with another song, “Ride Safe”, taken from their recently announced forthcoming debut EP, The Sponge, which is slated for an August release.

The band is comprised of childhood friends Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson. As the story goes per Gum Magazine, Harry had been working on instrumentals on his own for awhile before reaching out to his friend Henry for feedback, who was studying at the Conservatorium of Music on the Gold Coast at the time. Although Harry was aware of Henry’s outstanding guitar skills, he had never heard him sing before. As you’ll hear from the track below, his voice is lush and exuberant, making the pairing with Harry’s tracks a match made in musical heaven.

Looking forward to hearing how this project continues to take shape. They’ve certainly made one hell of a first impression on me with these songs.