[#SKOA30] Day 16: A Song That Describes Your Best Friend


In recent years I’ve become really particular about who I devote a lot of emotional energy to because I’ve had to learn the hard way that a lot of times people aren’t interested in friendship being a two-way thing. I’m very fortunate that I can use today’s pick to describe the majority of the loved ones in my life that are closest to me. “Call If You Need Me” from electronic duo Galantis’ debut full-length Pharmacy accurately demonstrates the kind of encouragement and support that I find my best friend giving me almost on a daily basis. It’s hard to reprogram yourself after years of allowing your self-doubt to be your reality, but when you’ve got the right support system cheering you along every step of the way, it certainly makes you want to work harder to reflect what they see in you. It’s also a priceless thing to have someone who will make time for you when you’ve found yourself in the midst of a meltdown, regardless of how well founded it is or not.