[#SKOA30] Day 8: A Song You Hadn’t Heard In Ages But Heard Recently


Man I hate that this one’s gotta be simultaneously such a bop and a bummer,

I can’t remember the last time that I heard Phoenix’s smash hit, “1901” from their Grammy award winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. There was a period in time after the single hit back in 2009 that I thought I was never going to stop hearing it. It was in car commercials, at sports games, in every bar. It was literally everywhere I went. But then it gradually trailed off. I guess that’s what *checks notes* 10 years passing will do.

At any rate, it had been at least a year since it had last graced my ears.

And then I heard the tragic news about the world losing Philippe Zdar, whose production genius was instrumental in that record’s success. Now I feel like I’m back to hearing it once a day again. I’m trying to figure out if I’ve been taking this song for granted and it actually never went away, or if everyone’s taking a moment to celebrate one of his many masterpieces. Either way, it’s been quite bittersweet to bob my head to this since he passed.