[#SKOA30] Day 10: A Song That's Longer Than Average


I’m sure there are longer songs in my arsenal of music, but I love the story about how deadmau5’ 2013 track, “The Veldt” came into existence. Being the creature of the internet that we have all grown to mostly love, the night that deadmau5(born Joel Zimmerman) was livestreaming himself working on music for 22 hours and ended up collaborating with a complete stranger. As the story goes, aspiring singer Chris James was watching the livestream and decided to shoot his shot by sending through some vocals to Joel that he thought might work on the song. As luck would have it, Joel was pleasantly surprised at how solid the vocal was and quickly starting working to assemble what would eventually become, “The Veldt”. There are a bunch of shorter edits of it, but the original 11+ minute mix is my favorite.