[#SKOA30] Day 14: A Song That Others Would Probably Choose To Describe You 


I kind of struggled a bit with this one only because I, of course, got really in my head about making sure it was SUPER PERFECT to the prompt. These were my thoughts as I went about selecting a song for this:

“Do enough of my friends even know this song? I’m pretty sure the right ones do. Wait, what does that even mean? lol”
"Well wait what about this one? No that one lyric would throw off the whole narrative I’m sure. Do other people think this hard when they send songs to other people?”
”Okay wow yeah I don’t think any of my friends look at me that way. Also why do *I* look at me that way? Gonna have to come back to that later, sheesh!"
”Wait does everyone just default at literally any Beck song being their go-to for me? What if they all just would pick ‘Loser’!?!?!'“

Yeah DEF did the Kibbe thing and made myself a little crazy for a sec, but I eventually landed on “Fembot” from Robyn’s 2010 album Bodytalk. Given my love for robots to the point that I’m borderline annoying about it and my tendency to talk about all of my feels a lot, it feels like a solid choice. Also the song is flirty in a nerdy sort of way. Lots of tech references that could (and probably do) have sexual connotations to them. I have about a billion runner ups to this, but for now I’m sticking with this one.