#diSKOAverweekly: Week of September 25, 2019

  1. Beck - “E-Pro (CapeLion V2 Remix)

    I’m not sure why this remix was being hoarded for so long only to be leveraged in this Destiny 2 trailer, but goddamn if this isn’t the 2 minute burst of energy I needed in my LIFE!!! Also, checked out some of Cape Lion’s stuff. SUPER DOPE.

  2. Ssion - “Heaven Is My Thing Again”

    Ugh it’s so hard to keep tabs on all of the NY bbs but imma try harder to make sure that

  3. O Mer - “Repack The Junk”

    Brooklyn (by way of Tel Aviv) bb is getting ready to drop an EP titled the same as this track. Should be dropping fairly soon, given I’m just catching up on the handful of tracks he’s dropped this year.

  4. Wrabel - “magic”

    My beloved lil bae-bel dropped an EP one of those happy people and I can’t get over how wild of a ride it’s been with this sweetheart since his Sideways days.

  5. All Tvvins - “Divine”

    Fresh off tour these dudes hit the studio and started crankin out some hits and this is the first of many to come (per the band)

  6. Wet - “Old Bone (Jim-E Stack Remix)”

    Okay so like this is one of those instances where I am just like really taken by how transformative this remix is. Jim-E Stack brought a completely different energy with his take on Wet’s latest single, “Old Bone”. You ABSOLUTELY MUST LISTEN TO BOTH. I’M NOT FUCKING AROUND HERE ABOUT THIS.

  7. Jamo - “Connection (feat. YOUNGSOUL)”

    I know you are surprised that I stumbled into a new Australian artist that I am relatively smitten by. It’s cool, you’ll get used to it eventually. Actually I suppose this one’s a 2 for 1 special because although Jamo lures you in with the vibe, singer YOUNGSOUL gets all up in your ear and coats your eardrums with his silky smooth voice and THAT’S WHEN THE REAL SWOONING STARTS.

  8. Dansu - “State of Mind”

    I keep waiting for Dansu to take off big time. They’re so fucking perfectly electro-poptastic.

  9. Squid - “The Cleaner”

    Feeling v hashtag blessed to have finally checked out Squid this week. Their new EP Town Centre is quite delightful, but “The Cleaner” is by far my fave. It’s super fun, dare I say sassy post-punk. Will probably be grabbing this on vinyl when it’s available on November 15th.

  10. PLANET - “Never New”

    Sydney four-piece PLANET make shimmery indie-pop and I would very much like to get on a plane to Australia and just swoon and twirl at all of their shows…maybe forever?

  11. Georgia - “Never Let You Go”

    London electro-pop powerhouse Georgia shared the first taste of her forthcoming album Seeking Thrills, which is slated to drop in January 2020. I hope I don’t have to wait that long to hear more of this because this is ✨very much my shit✨.

  12. Keelan Mak - “Sleep Talker”

    I think Brisbane’s self proclaimed “22 year old bedroom producer dude” Keelan Mak is tryna seduce us into said bedroom with his latest single. It….might be working. His voice is very swoon-worthy.

  13. Justin Jay - “i know ur out there”

    LA house hunny Justin Jay dropped his latest record everything will come together, pt. 1 a few months back. This is the opening track of what ended up being quite a fun run for my earholes, so def don’t sleep on checking out the rest of the record when you find yourself loving this!

  14. Sofi Tukker - “Swing (Crush Club Remix)”

    So v v v v v v v v proud to be the president of the Crush Club 💖⚡️Crush Club. This remix is 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  15. Man Without Country - “Forever Endeavour”

    The homey recently launched a Patreon and this was the first single since that all started up. Lucky fans got to hear it before it hit DSPs elsewhere. Very happy he’s sticking it out. I luhhh him.

  16. b.i.g.s.h.r.i.m.p. - “Wyoming (feat. Bunny)”

    Another tasty treat from Post Animal guitarist Jake Hirshland’s side project. I wonder how many of these he’s sitting on? I should probs DM him.

Okay fine I’ll post the embed for the archive here too so it’s all in once nice and neat place for you in case you missed last week’s tracks.