Late last week Margate, UK artist BABii unveiled her karaoke-esque style music video for her recent single, “SEiiZURE”. If you’re having trouble following along with the lyrics, that’s because the words are all written in BABii’s own pictorial alphabet. Speaking about the video, BABii said "FROM MAKiiN THiiS ViiDEO iiVE REALiiSED THAT ii AM JUST TRYiiNG TO LiiVE MY CHiiLDHOOD GiiRL DREAMS WiiTH ALL THE THiiNGS ii MAKE AROUND MUSiiC. iiTS FUN AND ii LiiKE iiT."

Where does one learn to speak fluent BABii, I wonder?? 🤔🤔🤔

“SEiiZURE” comes from her forthcoming debut full-length, HiiDE, which will be released later this year courtesy of Deathwaltz Originals.

Folks across the pond can catch her at a few shows coming up in Berlin, Munich, and London. Those of us in the US of A gotta figure out last minute SXSW plans if we plan on seeing her live any time soon.

See BABii live:
1/3 Gretchen, Berlin (DJ set) w/ Iglooghost + Kai Whiston
2/3 Common Ground, Munich w/ Iglooghost + Kai Whiston 
7/3 Scala, London supporting Crooked Colours 
11/3 - 17/3 SXSW, Austin

[SONG OF THE DAY] Bronze Whale - "Cruising"

Last week Austin groove gods Bronze Whale released their first track of 2019, “Cruising”. Following the slightly more upbeat tracks, “Never” and “One” that were released near the end of 2018, “Cruising” subtly shifts gears with the song’s steady pulsating hypnotic synths and gradual builds. If you were to accidentally put this song on repeat before going for a drive to clear your head you might end up states away from where you started without noticing the amount of time or distance that has elapsed.

“It delivered exactly the feeling we wanted,” the duo said of the track. “That first moment when the lights hit and a show begins. Cruise control on an open highway. Enjoying the night.”

With every song they’ve delivered in the past 6 months I’m very much looking forward to birthday month (April), which is when Benny and Jacques are expected to release their debut full-length, The Shape Of Things.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Ekkah - "Just A Thing"

You know what time it is. IT’S VIBE OCLOCK ON FRIDAY, CUTE PEOPLE!

Been longer than a minute since I checked in on disco-funk duo Ekkah. When last I heard from the pair they had just released their “Ekkah x Real Love” single back in 2016. Fortunately for us they’ve resurfaced this year, dropping “Homesick” early in January under my nose. Today brings us a new track, “Just A Thing”, which is a nice way to end a mostly-unintentional Valentine’s Day themed week. The duo enlisted the likes of SG Lewis and Phairo to collaborate with them on the track and as you’ll hear for yourself it is quite the lovely pairing.

Speaking on the track, the band explained, “‘Just A Thing’ is a song about a relationship that never quite took off. It's about not expecting too much from another person, you don't always have to fall in love, it was just a thing and that's cool sometimes!”

[SONG OF THE DAY] Baby Ariel - "I Heart You"
photo credit: Brett Erickson

photo credit: Brett Erickson

Rising pop powerhouse Baby Ariel perfectly timed the release of her brand new single, “I Heart You”, a perfectly poptastic song about the rollercoaster of emotions that is young love. Along with the single, the songstress also unveiled a lyric video that she produced, directed, and edited herself.

If you’re struggling to place where you’ve seen Baby Ariel before, you may have caught a glimpse of her while channel surfing if you happened to land on Nickelodeon during their original TV movie, Bixler High Private Eye. Born Ariel Martin, she’s been making the rounds on TV and YouTube for some time now and has now set her sights on a music career.

After entering the music scene in 2017 with her debut single, “Aww”, her new single, “I Heart You” follows last year’s, “Gucci On My Body”, “Say It”, and “Perf”.

Happy Valentines Day. 💖

[SONG OF THE DAY] Manics - "Eleven Eleven"

Bay Area bopmakers Manics released their latest track, “Eleven Eleven”, from their forthcoming debut EP, Binary, which drops on March 8th. The shimmering nu-disco melodies paired with their ethereal vocals result in a dreamy lovestruck haze of a song. I imagine this is what it would be like to sip a love potion or something comparable whilst in a discotheque. As the duo explained, the song is about, “seeing someone you know in a new light and being instantly infatuated.”

[SONG OF THE DAY] Bedstudy - "s_M00n"

Friday cannot come quickly enough for y’all because you need Bedstudy’s debut EP dot wave in your life ASAP. Lucky for you, the Brooklyn-based trio have shared my favorite song on the EP, “s_M00n”, a dreamy little lo-fi love song that is a must-have in your playlist for your Valentine. Speaking of lovers, the accompanying video for the song leans into the vibe of the song, alternating between performance shots of the band and following around a pair of lovers.

dot wave drops this Friday, February 15th courtesy of Grand Jury Music.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Young & Sick - "Jet Black Heart"
Young & Sick

On Friday, Los Angeles-based artist Young & Sick released their latest track, “Jet Black Heart”, which is about the kind of love that is so intense that it can be paralyzing. As project brainchild Nick Van Hofwegen explained, “[It’s the sort of love] that makes you lose it completely. It’s the love I feel for making music and art.”

The band is currently on tour with The Knocks in North America. Lookin like yer girl is gonna have to get her ass to Brooklyn Steel in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of tours, I’m just gonna throw this out into the universe, but I feel like a tour with Summer Heart and Blackbird Blackbird could be something really lovely for these guys. I am just sayinggggggg.

Off to get ready to keep up with my tradition of obnoxiously livetweeting The Grammys. :)

Feb 8 // Dallas, TX @ Dada Dallas
Feb 9 // Austin, TX @ Historic Scoot Inn
Feb 10 // Houston, TX @ Bronze Peacock Room
Feb 12 // St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
Feb 14 // Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall
Feb 15 // Columbus, OH @ A&R Music Bar
Feb 16 // Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
Feb 17 // Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
Feb 20 // Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
Feb 21 // Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair
Feb 23 // Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel