[Listen] Beck - "Love" (John Lennon Cover)

Gotta say, the internet, feeling pretty good that the first post of the new year is a Beck song! 

Even though this isn't from his upcoming album, Morning Phase, this is certainly help build the anticipation for me. The song is a John Lennon tune from the 1970 album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and will be on Starbucks' Sweetheart 2014 compilation, which you can grab on February 4th. Although the orginial is piano driven, the added depth and warmth from Beck's subtle guitar strums is really helping me fight of the bitter chill from the impending blizzard that's about to hit NYC. 

Although there isn't an official release date yet for Morning Phase, we know that his first album since 2008 is expected sometime to drop in February. 

So while you wait, here's something for you to "Love". Pun intended. You LOVE it. 

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[2013 Year In Review] Shey & Kibbe's Picks From 2013

It's always hard at this time of year to put together an end of year list. Last year we opted just to not do a list at all. This year we thought we'd do share our personal favourites and stand outs from 2013. None are in any particular order and by no means are we snubbing any who aren't listed. These selections simply represent the records we've constantly had on since their release. Albums that we've truly championed. We considered ranking a vat of albums that would include ones we didn't care about, but it doesn't feel very "us" to do that anymore. Each come with a little tid-bit about why we've put them in our top 5. We also have a few honourable mentions, because narrowing down the albums we've listened to most over the year was tough. So without further ado, make the jump and check out our picks for 2013. Or don't, I think between the rising popularity of Buzzfeed and the time of year you all may be suffering from list fatigue.

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[Watch] Run The Jewels - "A Christmas Fucking Miracle" (Official Video)

As you make your way home for the holiday period to spend time with your precious friends and family, Killer Mike and El-P offer us up another early Christmas present and it's positively festive. Taken from the pairings incredible collaboration album, Run The Jewels, it's for "A Christmas Fucking Miracle" and sees them acting out all kinds of holiday fun. A Christmas Carol gets a reworking, some super cheesy, hilarious posed Christmas Cards, and the crap Santa you get at whatever shopping centre you have in your town all make an appearance. What more could you ask for two days before Christmas from these two? Celebrate early, pour up a whiskey and enjoy. 

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.


[Listen] St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse"

Praise the Lord. Count your lucky stars. Thank your next door neighbour. Do whatever you god damned like to show your appreciation for Annie Clark AKA St. Vincent who is back and has just announced a brand new album set for release in a matter of month on February 25th via Loma Vista after her previous releases have came out on the wonderful 4AD. Taking a route that seems ever more popular in recent times, the album is simply called, St. Vincent, and below you can stream the lead single, "Birth In Reverse" which to me sounds like the worst thing imaginable. Just, no. But the track is delectable and as sexy as ever. Funky guitar lines pair up with Annie's unique vocals to deliver a track that opens up with the lines: "Oh what an ordinary day, Take out the garbage, masturbate." I mean what more could you ask for in a new track? Check it out below and mark your calendars for what sounds like it could be a great album so early on in the year. 


[Listen] The Dead Weather - "Open Up (That's Enough)"

Over the weekend while in a crowded place I saw via Twitter that The Dead Weather had returned with a brand new single which triggered me to shout "FUCK YEAH!" which resulted in some rather odd stares. Like I give a crap when this band are involved. Third Man Records have already mentioned that the band are preparing to release a full-length in 2015, which sounds like a time far too far away for my liking, which is why my reaction in a crowded place was so extreme.

Jack White along with Alison Mosshart of the Kills, Dean Fertita of QOTSA, and the Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence have dropped a track called "Open Up (That's Enough)" which is every bit as gritty as you'd expect. Distinct guitar tones rattle their way through the mix while Alison chugs on with an ever catchy and punchy chorus. Prior to the aforementioned 2015 album, the band will be releasing a series of singles, this being the first along with the B-Side, "Rough Detective". Check out the A-Side below and if you want to get your hands on a copy then you can do so over at Third Man's magical Vault. A digital version will be released on January 14th which should be marked in everyone's calendar, 'cause it's my birthday. So yeah, more music from these guys would be a very welcome present.


[Download] Dead Sons - "The Rain"

A band I've fully backed ever since discovering them this time last year are Dead Sons. I was delighted at the back end of last week to see that, although they said they were finished with 2013 with the release of their single "Gasoline", they've returned with a new track titled "The Rain". A little different to what we've come to expect from the lads but that's not a bad thing. The track is a softer, more gentle ride from start to finish that delivers a taste of what may be to come from them in 2014 when they release more new material. Not only can you listen to it below but you can download it for free too. Balls to that fat bearded fella who's meant to be heading down our chimney's next week, Dead Sons have you covered right now! 

If you've not already, I can't recommend their debut album The Hollers & The Hymns enough so go buy that too and look out for these gents melting some faces in the new year. I for one, can't wait. 


[Watch] Muse - "Plug In Baby" Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

Earlier this year Muse played some huge stadium shows around Europe and it was honestly one of the biggest spectacles I've witnessed, even by Muse's standards. Their show at Rome's Olympic Stadium was recently released as a full on 4K recorded audio/visual extravaganza in cinemas and as an early Christmas present the band have uploaded a clip of them paying their classic hit "Plug In Baby" at the Italian show. Having dropped the majority of their older material in their recent shows, this track is a staple no matter what, with "Stockholm Syndrome" and "Hysteria" usually alternating nightly via a giant roulette table. If you've never seen Muse in a live setting it's sure to give you an idea of what these guys do on a nightly basis, and if you have, well, you know that you're about to hit play on a video from one of the best live bands in the world.

Along with this lovely little live tidbit, the band have stated that a follow up to last year's The 2nd Law could see the light of day as soon as early 2015. They've also stated that it could be a little more stripped back, with Matt Bellamy saying: "I have this strong feeling that the next album should be something that really does strip away the additional things that we've experimented with on the last two albums, which is electronics, symphonics and orchestral work and all that kind of stuff." 

We'll keep you posted with more news on that but for now, enjoy the classic guitar hit below.


[Watch] Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - "You Will See Me" (Official Video)

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip return with another visually stunning clip for their lyrically heavy track "You Will See Me" taken from their recently released album, Repent Replenish Repeat. The video is a cool look into Pip losing it in a small room, before time seems to wind backwards while moving forwards too. It's rather cool. It fits nicely with Pip's passionate commentary and along with Dan Le Sac's ever building beat it makes for a pretty powerful watch. Check it out below.

When released last month, their album got to number one on the first ever Independent Record Store Chart and to celebrate that they're doing something a little special. On December 16th the pair will release the single on a limited run of vinyl that is exclusive to Independent record stores so keep your eyes peeled for that. The track will also be available digitally. Alternatively you could just buy their album and get a whole heap of awesome instead of just a little bit of awesome? In early 2014 you can catch the boys on the road which I'd highly recommend you do. Dates can be found after the jump.

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