[Download] Death Grips - 'Government Plates'

After royally pissing off just about everyone earlier in the year via cancelling a tonne of shows last minute, self releasing  NO LOVE DEEP WEB without the permission of their label which in turn, lost them their record deal. Generally the band were being bad-asses who absolutely did not give a flying fuck, Death Grips now return unannounced, with a brand new album that's as dirty as your laundry. The last time we heard from them was in August via their song "Birds" which features on the album that's nicely titled, Government Plates. You can stream it in full below or you can download it here and here. It's always nice to wake up and find someone decent has actually released some exciting music overnight and this definitely delivers. Check it out and play it loud at your work desk today. Be more like these guys and fuck the rules. 



[Listen] The 1975 - "Girls" (The Knocks Remix)

In a year filled with rather exquisite albums, it's often hard to pick favourites and it's at this time of year that people begin to make their shortlists for numerous sites across the web. A stand out for me was the pop-filled, cinematic debut full-length from The 1975. Their recent single "Girls" is just an instant feel good song the moment it hits the speakers. Now, it is Friday after all, and chances are you're getting pretty hyped up for the weekend, and rightly so. There's also a chance you're sat at your desk at work right now and you're already clock watching counting down the minutes until you're free and can go sip on a sweet, sweet beverage. Let's make that wait seem like a little less with the help of a remix of the aforementioned single from The 1975 courtesy of The Knocks. Breathing a new life of disco into an already infectious track you can download it for free below and get the weekend started a little sooner than you might of planned.

The 1975's self-titled debut is out now. 


[Watch] Jaws - "Gold" (Official Video)

Birmingham seems to be flourishing with new bands at the moment and a personal favourite of mine from the Midlands are Jaws. The band have been hectically touring after an even busier summer and because of that we've not really heard too much from them. Not that we'd forgot, you know, it's just sometimes things are out of sight so they're out of mind... Back to being in sight though and they've released a video for their recent single "Gold" which is an absolute belter of a tune. The clip actually does a decent job to show them playing night after night around the country having a whale of a time. Excited for more from these young guns in the coming year(s). Check it.


[Watch] Queens of the Stone Age's Full Bridge School Benefit Show

Organized by musician Neil Young and his wife, Pegi, every year the Bridge School Benefit Concert is held every October at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. All of the proceeds directly benefit the operations of The Bridge School and year on year a host of truly amazing artists play for the cause. This year one of the bands on the bill set to perform an acoustic set was Queens of the Stone Age who played a range of songs old and new in their 30 minute set. From opening with "Long Slow Goodbye" to a spine tingling rendition of "Kalopsia", it's a joy to watch the band run through tracks in a stripped back manner like this. Their latest album ...Like Clockwork is out now and if you haven't picked it up yet then why not?!

In other QOTSA related news, you can get excited for an interactive video coming from the band tomorrow.


[Listen] Warpaint - "Love Is To Die"

I love waking up to surprises. Those days where you wake up a little worse for wear and you realise you still have you phone, wallet and passport, but then you check your wallet and there's still money in it! It's a magical feeling. I like it even more when I wake up to find that the night before while I was in a dream-like state that a band I really like released a new track and announced a new album. Today was one of those days as Warpaint have announced their sophomore album and following the ever growing trend it's a self-titled one. Along with that they've tickled our ears with brand new music in the shape of a track called "Love Is To Die" which you can check out below. The ladies are currently doing a short stint around the UK but I'm sure we can expect more dates to be announced in 2014. The 12 track S/T will be released via Rough Trade on January the 20th.

They play Manchester Academy this evening (October 39th) and Brixton Academy in London tomorrow on the 30th Oct. For now treat yourself to the huge sounding track below.


[News] Beck Signs To Capitol, Announces New Album 'Morning Phase'

Apparently good things come to those who wait because WE'RE GETTING A NEW BECK ALBUM IN FEBRUARY, Y'ALL!! FINALLYYYY!! It was just announced that Beck has signed to Capitol Records and will be releasing his first album since 2008. According to the press release, "The new record, titled Morning Phase, has been described as a companion piece of sorts to Beck's 2002 classic Sea Change. Featuring many of the same musicians who played on that record (who are also currently accompanying him live) -Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Joey Waronker, Smokey Hormel, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and Jason Falkner -- Morning Phase harkens back to the stunning harmonies, song craft and staggering emotional impact of that record, while surging forward with infectious optimism."

No more details have been announced yet, but you better believe the second it hits our inbox you all will be the first to know.



[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Sounds Like Balloons" (Live Video)

I've gone off on numerous rants on Twitter regarding people at gigs that seem to watch the entire show through the 3 inch screen of their phone instead of watching the big picture that's happening right in front of their very face a few feet away. Take a quick snap if you like, and then be done with it. Don't spend the entire gig filming shoddy low quality video that you're never going to use. Chances are you're at the gig with people you'd show the video to anyway so just stop it. Cheers. Anyway, Biffy Clyro have taken my pet peeve and used it to their advantage by having fans send in clips from their UK arena tour and used them to compile a live video for "Sounds Like Balloons" patched together with some pro-shot footage. It does work pretty well at giving you a snapshot into what it was like down in the crowd on the tour and all in all, it carries across the energy too. I'm still not a fan of the ever growing use of phones at gigs but it's the times we live in. Check out the video above and be sure to check out one of my favourite albums from this year, Opposites, which came out back in February.


[Watch] Arctic Monkeys - "One For The Road" (Official Video)

Yesterday we posted a couple of videos from Arctic Monkeys stellar performance on Later... with Jools Holland, and today, following a few days on their UK arena tour the band have offered up a new video. The clip is for their track "One For The Road", taken from their latest release AM. It features a lovely monochrome finish with the lads looking rather stylish on a farm before Jamie Cook starts doing some tractor pulling. Yeah, I didn't really know what was going on either but if it looks like something you may be interested in jump over here for more info you rebellious soul, you. It's just a normal day in the life of a Monkey I imagine. Check out the video below and just start your Thursday off right with something you've never seen before.

Keep your eyes peeled in this direction the weekend when we'll have some more footage of the band from Jools Holland's full broadcast.

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