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[#SKOA30] DAY 1: A Song You Recently Shared With A Friend

Day 1!

I’m pumped!

This first one is probably not what anyone was going to expect outta me but that’s kind of the fun part of this challenge is that some of this stuff is gonna get REAL WEIRD REAL FAST!


I’m not sure who all is like this, but I am the kind of friend who learns your taste and when I stumble into something that would fit your taste I am eager to connect the music to you so I have someone else to spaz about the thing I found. Listening to music by yourself is great but sharing music is much more rewarding imo.

I’m still struggling to remember how I tumbled into Chicago darkwave duo HIDE but good LORDE when their latest track, “Chainsaw” hit my earholes my fingers couldn’t fly fast enough to get it to my main darklings in all the corners of the internet. When I shared it with one friend in particular, it ignited a share fest of songs we both had just found in the past few days and were both having a blast FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in real time to the songs we were swapping. Those kinds of sharing experiences are literally my favorite thing in the world, where immediately your eyes practically pop out of your head, your jaw almost slams to the ground it drops so hard, and you utter something like, “oh my god”, “holy shit that’s good”, “oh wow”, “jfc who the fuck is this?!”, etc.

Interesting thing I just learned about this song while setting up this post: per the info on the music video, the lyrics are actually comprised of things were essentially a slew of verbal assaults that singer Heather Gabel has received repeatedly on the street, often while in the company of a child. The accompanying video also features stills of a fraction of victims who were raped and murdered in 2018, adding even more intensity to an already powerful song.