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#diSKOAverweekly: Week of September 18, 2019

I’ve decided to make more work for myself with diSKOAver weekly! So exciting!

I feel like it’s not fair to the bands I feature in this playlist to not give them the same amount of love I do with all the other features I do so I’ve decided to do a tweets worth of info on each track because after all sharing is caring and boy do I give so many fucks about putting these songs in your hands.


  1. Moon Boots - “You Won’t See Me Cry (feat. Little Boots)

    This cut from the new Moon Boots record is my personal slice of discotastic heaven. The rest of the record is super fun, too.

  2. DallasK - “I Know”

    Gonna be honest, kind of embarrassed that I’m just now getting into DallasK but damn I picked a fucking banger to get on board.

  3. Mason - “Rhythm In My Brain”

    Honestly it’s not fair that Mason is so perfect. And he’s SO CASUAL about dropping so many bops. This one is SUCH 💥A 💥VIBE💥.

  4. Los Padres - “Boomerang (feat. Nina Sung)”

    Holy shit my home state over here making me SO PROUD with this house hitttttttttt. Def gonna be keeping an eye out on this duo for what they do next. 👀👀👀

  5. RAAVE TAPES - “stabs”

    I have been OBSESSED with this song since I heard it. They’re like a lovely intersection of The Rapture, Does It Offend You Yeah, Crystal Castles, and Late of the Pier. I WANT MORE DANCE PUNK LIKE THIS. GIVE IT TO ME

  6. CRX - “Walls”

    Fun fact: Josh Homme from QOTSA produced this whole record. Love how fucking high energy this is. Oh and Nick Valensi from The Strokes is the singer so you know these dudes aren’t fuckin around.

  7. Tomos - “An Intermission”

    If I could float around in space to this I would be pretty hype about it. No, I’m not high.

  8. Cashmere Cat - “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”

    This new single is quite lovely and I’m very happy that they’ll be playing Webby Hall in December.

  9. Sparrows - “Do U Wanna Dance?”

    Something about the synths in this makes me think of “Sync” from the FEZ soundtrack but more energetic and that pleases me very much.

  10. Rejje Snow - “LMFAO”

    I need to spend more time with Rejje’s last record that this track is from. It’s very much my shit, but I bet you’ll be able to tell why this one was my favorite. 😂

  11. AJ Abdullah - “Oh, the Moon!”

    HOW SWEET IS HIS VOICE!? HOW SWEET IS THIS FUCKIN’ SONG!? I’m glad I decided to check my email before I pulled tracks for this week’s update today. This was such a delightful surprise.

  12. MXMS - “What’s My Name?”

    This one is a real gut punch. Funeral pop duo MXMS released this on World Suicide Prevention Day and if it doesn’t make your eyes water a little bit you might be dead inside?????????

  13. Sego x Vacationer - “YAH.”

    Sego and Vacationer teamed up to cover Kendrick Lamar and it’s just so….. *chef’s kiss*

  14. Hunjiya - “go to bed (feat. Ben Hon)”

    My good friend and neighborhood troubadour Jesse Ruben introduced me to Hunjiya (born Alice Kim) when I ran into him on the street a few weeks ago and was like, “you’d fucking love Alice’s music” AND HE WAS RIGHT. Her new EP is FANTASTIC.

  15. Sam Hollis - “Miranda”

    I have been sitting on this Sam Hollis jam for way too long (Sorry Sam). Even though he’s homeys with Timi Temple it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT VIBE A BOY DO I MEAN VIIIIBBBBEEEE.

  16. Hundredth - “Whatever”

    So this band gradually pivoted from essentially hardcore to shoegaze and it…..totally fucking works. The older stuff is fine, but they really wear this new direction INCREDIBLY WELL.

IF YOU’VE STUMBLED INTO THIS POST AFTER I’VE SWAPPED OUT THESE TRACKS DO NOT PANIC!! I GOTCHU FAM! You can grab these (and a fuckload more music) over in the archive.


[SKOA PREMIERE] Alae - "Home" (Official Music Video)

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Fridayyyyyyyy!!!

Fam I am happy to premiere the latest video from Auckland four-piece Alae. On its own, their latest single from their debut full-length, Henry St, “Home”, is a delicate track that speaks to loss and belonging. Today, as you’ll soon see for yourself, the newly unveiled accompanying video will challenge you to reflect on how you present yourself to the world versus who you know yourself to truly be.

There are many takeaways from the video for “Home”, but according to singer Alex Farrell-Davey, it aims to create discussions around what it is to have a life outside of your sexuality. “In my mind the idea of breaking out of jail hand cuffed to your cell mate represents leaving work,” he explained, “chained to the version of yourself that you are when you're there. To then come home and to dedicate your night to trying to break free of how uncomfortable it makes you (in an environment that's loving and comfortable).” He adds, “To ultimately be arrested by the red and blue police sirens that represent waking up to an ominous alarm, knowing you have to do it all over again.”

As you’ll see as the video progresses that the prisoner who is taken along the heartwarming reunion (played by Farrell-Davey) that there’s this slow build of loneliness and isolation that’s portrayed being unable to escape how beautiful and heartwarming the love that exists between the fellow convict, partner, and baby is. The pain in his face as he looks away, unable to embrace this other part of him as one in the same. The underlying powerful message in “Home” is that of self-acceptance and if anything, having this reminder gifted to us from a marginalized voice makes it all the more deeply meaningful.

#SKOASelfCare: Wilderado Shares Their Mental Health Maintenance Tips From The Road
Wilderado outside of Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, CA. Photo gently lifted from  their Instagram .

Wilderado outside of Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, CA. Photo gently lifted from their Instagram.

Touring is often looked at by musicians as a necessary evil due to how taxing it can be on their mental health. No matter your tour budget, finding moments of self care on the road can be tricky to come up with when you’ve only got so much time before load-in, so I’ve decided to start asking around for ideas from bands while they’re mid-tour.

Since I’m seeing them tomorrow night (10/27) at Music Hall of Williamsburg, I decided to hit up Tulsa rockers, Wilderado (who you hopefully checked out in this week’s diSKOAver weekly playlist) to see what’s been working for them on their tour with other SKOA favorites Sure Sure. Gotta say, I am loving the tips that singer Max Rainer sent through! From my brief stint in tour managing I can tell you that some of these are a hard agree from me.


This is “Thieves” smells pretty awesome and supposedly makes you less susceptible to germs. Our drummer’s wife sells this stuff and i dump it on everything (my bag, backpack, arms, neck).


Reading books helps me not think so much.


I’m not so sure if this stuff actually benefits me in any way other than tasting great and feeling good. I just like having it around, the name says it all.


I currently have bronchitis, so maybe i shouldn’t be the one doing this, BUT, these multivitamins are amazing. This is the first time I’ve been sick on the road, and these things are keeping me alive.


Listen to something other than your own music that you’re playing over and over and over. Sometimes I’ll even just hang out listening to the calm app... it sounds so real.

Grab the Calm app on iOS & Android


NY fam come hang with me tomorrow night (10/27) at Music Hall of Williamsburg to catch these guys live. Should you need a refresher of their sound you can find their latest single, “Sorrow” in this week’s diSKOAver weekly playlist below!.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Jaded - "Young"

It’s been a little over a year since I casually slipped UK indie electro-pop trio Jaded in diSKOAver weekly with their breakout hit, “In The Morning”. Since then, I’ve followed along with these dope dudes on Instagram, who have been responsible for me laughing to myself like an idiot on the subway no less than twice. It’s only fitting that they would release a song like, “Young” last week, as it’s *almost* as playful as they are. Almost. This is hands down the care-free anthemic song you need in your life. It’s the perfect microdose of escapism that you need amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Fair warning though: if you’re walking around while rocking this jam you might find yourself pouting, shimmying, and mouthing the words in front of strangers at a crosswalk or something.

Not that I am speaking from experience. 😳

[Listen] San Scout - "In/Balance"





So I don't know how you Spotify, but since I accepted that Rdio (RIP) wasn't going to reign supreme I figured I would try to see if there were more interesting ways to use Spotify than what they primarily suggest you do. 

You may occasionally peruse your Discover Weekly playlist, but one of the many things I do to take advantage of The Algorithm™ is follow some of my friends' playlists whose taste I trust to see what gets sent their way.  

Enter: London duo San Scout, who I stumbled across a couple of days ago amidst my scavenging. I'm bummed I missed out on supporting the launch of their latest track, "In/Balance", which I have since tested on my commute to and from work as well in the shower which I danced happily to. This dropped back in November complete with a fun little activation over on their website that they made themselves (#respect). If you feel like killing some time, upon heading to the site you can create your own "bootleg" of the song simply by typing whatever you feel like into the text box. It's fairly limited in terms of what you can do, but still a fun minute or two. 

Right so back to the track lol. This song is absolutely my new obsession. I love how their lush vocals glide along the playfully punchy synths. We know how I feel about harmonies so this was a no brainer. Also they manage to make a dog bark sample seem like it's completely normal to be there. Love love love that. 

The band also released an EP last year with some tasty tracks on it called EP1Definitely worth a listen as well. 

Ooo from the looks of things recently they've trying to get people to text them: 

UK fam - who wants to text them nice things and tell me how it goes? Wait, does T-Mobile charge for international texts? I'll check later and if not maybe I'll see if they'll do an impromptu interview haha. 

Once you fall in love with "In/Balance" be sure to befriend these fine fellows: 

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundcloudSpotify

#NewMusicFriday Guide - 04/29/2016

You Wont - Revolutionaries

My two new favorite goofballs put out an album today! You Won't isn't officially #SKOAfam yet, but don't worry, it will happen soon enough. Maybe at one of their two shows in NYC next week? Talk about being #blessed! Anyway, this record could not have come out at a better time. The winter is finally leaving us, it's getting warm out, and you'll find yourself reaching for this record when the sun is sittin' pretty on your face. It's got the right amount of twang that will make you shake your groove thang just like this: 

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

I have been thoroughly looking forward to this album since the second I heard "Rings" a few months back. The payoff for patiently waiting was certainly worth it, especially with last week's album stream, which was the most excellent of previews/"spoilers". ICYMI, it's a shot by shot recreation of The Shining and you absolutely have to see it for yourself if you haven't already because it's amazing. 

I will be counting down the minutes till I get to hear this live at Irving Plaza on June 13th, that's for sure. Nice work, Aesop

Brian Eno - The Ship

Our electro-lord has released more music today. Do I really need to tell you about this? You should know about this already. I am just making sure because our, um, Views are a little obstructed right now on the internet...if you know what I mean. 

I really liked Ghost Culture's self-titled album from last year so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had a couple of new tracks out today. These just further confirm that I need to own the self-titled on vinyl. I thought micropennies were enough love for this record, but his craftsmanship on both releases shines through enough that this is worth the shelf space for me. 

Calvin Harris - "This Is What You Came For" 

The jury is still out for me as to whether or not this is going to be *The Song Of The Summer*. This is subtly very awesome. It's really quite lovely. Rihanna's vocal is great. There is a reason why Calvin has a messload of sales plaques on his walls and it shows in the production value for this track. People will certainly listen to this a lot this summer.

All that said, it just... ehhhhhhh. I don't think lightning is going to strike twice for him + Rihanna. I will probably listen to this to get ready to go out, but not trip over myself to make sure I dance to it. 

Zedd (feat. Kesha) - "True Colors"

Okay we need to have a discussion about this. I have seen too many people say that they're disappointed by this track considering this is Kesha's big return post- Dr. Luke drama. 

Seriously? Shame on you. That just further shows how real the struggle is going to continue to be for Kesha because she was launched into stardom courtesy of some party anthems. You really think she was going to step out with a banger the second she was able to legally open her mouth?

Sit. Down. 

Please take a moment to reflect on what she is saying and be grateful that she was able to create her way through a lot of pain. Also, let us be thankful that Zedd knew better than to try to make this about him by going big on the production. Sure, her return is more understated than was anticipated, but she even says so herself: "I've escaped my captor and I have no master." 

Kesha, I'm glad you're back, bb. 

Man Power - Planet Cock EP

You should know by now that in addition to trying to not be completely crushed under the weight of what goes through my inbox that I also just like skimming AllMusic to see what might look interesting. The pairing of an artist called Man Power with an EP called Planet Cock... I am clearly a grown up who did not laugh to myself at all...heh. That's a lie, obviously. 

Clearly I had to give this a spin just for the sake of my sanity and it's actually pretty great. I've since had a look around at his catalog and intend to check out more of it in the weeks to come. I will probably start with his 2014 EP, Flacid Trax.... 

Sorry, it's Friday. I can't be an adult today to save my life. lmao 

Magic Sword - The Legend EP

Holy shit I forgot this was even happening and now it's happened and I'm just a wreck. Apparently there was a little bit of darkness in me because The Seeker and The Keeper aka Magic Sword just SLAYED ME with this EP. Wow. Wow. Wow. I really have zero chill about this right now, jfc. This is the first of a series of EPs that also will have a correlating comic to continue to tell the Magic Sword saga. You can find the first one for their debut album, Volume I over on their website

Holy good #Sheezus in heaven the guitar solos on "The Curse" quite literally have me unable to do anything other than shout, "GOOD LORD!" at the moment. WOW.

These guys were still one of the most fun interviews I ever did for #SKOARadio (not to mention the most hysterical meetup arrangements for an interview). I should probably not leave that committed to audio indefinitely. 

Matt Lange - Patchwork

#SKOAfam Matt Lange has followed up last year's Emphemera LP with another gorgeous heady string of dark dancey tunes. It would appear the mau5trap has continued to be good for Lange from the sounds of this EP. This is *ABSOLUTELY* a record you listen to first with your good headphones because the homey has very meticulously pieced this all together, so this is me looking out for your your first play through to be the best it can be. 

(This is terribly awkward that I'm realizing that I just featured two artists back to back with interviews that I aired on #SKOARADIO but never transcribed and shared through. I guess I know what I'm doing over the weekend....)

Holy Ghost! - Crime Cuts

Holy! Ghost!! is! back! I almost forgot this EP was coming out today but Twitter fam is always lookin' out for my ears, which I guess means they're looking out for yours, too. Anyway, YAY Brooklyn bands! This EP is solid. I really wish that Panorama weren't their only upcoming show in NYC at present. That is kind of like saying you can only have hot dogs inside Yankees Stadium in the summer or something imo. I'm sure more dates will be announced soon. Fingers crossed anyway. 

Panty Raid - After Glow

lol I know why this record is called After Glow. It's because the album is pure sex and by the end of it you will be feeling the afterglow of what it did to you. I guess you could say the overall theme that Panty Raid is going for is being executed well. 

[Night Out] VOWWS, Night Club, & Winkie @ Baby's All Right (04/16/2016)


As you may or may not know, SKOA has been long time supporters of the glorious gloomy duo that is VOWWS. We've endured all the name changes. We reluctantly watched them pack their bags and head to LA, where they finally hit a nice streak of luck that they rightfully deserve. Now we also make sure to show up every time they're in NYC and wave our figurative pom-poms in support. This time I even brought home made chocolate chip cookies for them. Gotta make sure the kids are eating on tour even if it's just cookies!

Swear to god, the day this all finally comes together for them (which it most certainly will), I'm going to be that mother in every movie ever dabbing her eyes with with a handkerchief blubbering about how proud I am of them. It hasn't even been that long since the last time we saw them and already they're infinitely tighter than I've ever seen them. They also managed to look even more like they just left the after after party in hell. I mean this in the most loving way possible, obviously. 

Not only did our prodigal children come home to Baby's, but they brought a couple of their fun friends from LA with them! Night Club were super retro-dancetastic and fun, although I do worry about singer Emily Kavanaugh's knees from all that sliding around. Hopefully she took her own advice and got some knee pads. 

It was also very nice of Brooklyn's Winkie to spend some time out of the graveyard that it seems they've been living in to come open the show. Sprout was particularly enamored with singer Gina's black veil, which we learned courtesy of Instagram that it was made possible by Brooklyn designer Amy Lehfeldt. I forget that all the gloomy kids didn't abandon us for Los Angeles. I will have to make it a point to see Winkie again very soon. 


#NewMusicFriday Guide - 04/15/2016

I wish I could explain to you how my big beautiful brain works when it comes to digging around to finding music. Just be thankful that I'm not afraid to waste a few hours of my day muttering, "This looks interesting! Why not give this a whirl?" before putting random things in my ears. This was a bit of a slow week in terms of new releases. I'm assuming because of Record Store Day that they opted to keep the awesome on the light side of things for the week. 

Don Diablo feat. Dave Thomas Jr. - "Silence" 

On the heels of the announcement that his label , Hexagon, has joined the Spinnin Records family, the homey Don Diablo dropped his latest track, "Silence" featuring Dave Thomas Jr on vocals (no relation to the Wendy's franchise, lol). It's been awhile since Diablo released something this downtempo. If his tracks are normally referred to as "bangers", then this song is most definitely a "stunner".  Oh yeah, go read my interview with him. It's very good if you want to get to know someone really dang awesome. 

Logan Takahashi - NoGeo

If the name Logan Takahashi sounds familiar, it's because he's one half of Teengirl Fantasy. It may also be because I included "Reckr" on this week's diSKOAver weekly playlist. Anyway, I happened to stumble across a preview of the album on Hype Machine last week. This record is very lovely and suits being on Ghostly International based on its subtle elegance. Just play the damn record already. 

Ours - "Stronger" (from the Transformers Roll Out Soundtrack

After their last full length, Mercy...Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy was released in 2008, I kinda fell off with Ours. I enjoyed Jimmy Gnecco's solo record The Heart a good bit, despite not hitting up any of his Rockwood shows that I've seen in emails in the past year. Speaking of emails, I didn't know that this was going to be on the Transformers Roll Out Soundtrack until I got one about 2 hours ago. It's funny that this is coming to me 2 days after I geeked out spotting him at The Kills show at Warsaw.

Anyway, hi everyone. Jimmy Gnecco has a voice that should make him a household name. This is a good song. I know he's got some shows coming up at Rockwood soon. Sounds like I've got some advanced plans to make. 

Larkin Poe - Reskinned

Yay for Larkin Poe release day! Their single, "Trouble In Mind", was well received amongst those following along the diSKOAver weekly playlist. I haven't spent a ton of time with the record to tell you which songs are my favorite, but if you liked "Trouble In Mind", you aren't going to be let down in the very least. 

Mock Orange - "High Octane" 

If you are an aging emo kid like me, your brain is skimming over the name of this band and is going, "Wait, like that Mock Orange?" Yes, that Mock Orange. As a #teen I REALLY REALLY liked The Record Play. It would appear that with all of the constant reuniting happening that bands we loved a decade ago are feeling a little brave and are coming out of hibernation to see if the internet will help them relocate their old fanbases. I am not upset in the least about this with regards to Mock Orange. "High Octane" is super great and will get you all aboard the hype train for their upcoming album, Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse, which is out on May 20th. ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT NEW MOCK ORANGE? I'm excited. 

Black Plastic - Black Plastic

Okay so I am going to do more reconnaissance after I wrap up this post, but this was a case of "awesome by association" because Kevin Grady aka Black Plastic is on Cleopatra, which is the same label as VOWWS. I'd actually be curious to hear what those kids would do if they all got together to work on things. Regardless, this has this twinge of industrial that sort of fills the void that Binary left when they broke up. I want to listen to this more before I give it a final verdict, but so far so awesome, you know?