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[SONG OF THE DAY] !!! - "Serbia Drums"
photo credit: Kelsey Bennet

photo credit: Kelsey Bennet


it’s DEF a VIBE O CLOCK ON FRIDAYYYYYYY vibe with this one

New York’s finest dance-punk darlings !!! (chk chk chk for you n00bz) have returned as promised earlier in the month with more new music in the form of their new single, “Serbia Drums”, off of their forthcoming album Wallop, which out on August 30th.

Fun factoid for you: the beat of “Serbia Drums” was taken from an iPhone recording that drummer Chris Egan took while the band was touring in Serbia and then the band worked their magic on making it the combination of glimmer and grit that’s essentially my sweet spot for dance jams. Also very heady lyrics going here. Guess you could say they really pack a WALLOP.

…sorry I had to 😑😂

ANYWAY. It’s amazing that this band has been cracking out jams for coming on 20 years now. Since I was outside of NYC then I didn’t come onto the scene with them until 2003 with Me And Guiliani Down By The School Yard. That double single definitely had a big impact on me, thus me waving my invisible pom-poms for these fine folks ever since.

August 30 (or publicist with the advance) come soon! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Release Date: August 30,2019

01 “Let It Change U”
02 “Couldn’t Have Known”
03 “Off The Grid”
04 “In the Grid”
05 “Serbia Drums”
06 “My Fault”
07 “Slow Motion”
08 “Slo Mo”
09 “$50 Million”
10 “Domino”
11 “Rhythm Of The Gravity”
12 “UR Paranoid”
13 “This Is The Door”
14 “This Is The Dub”

[SONG OF THE DAY] !!! - "UR Paranoid"

I could attempt to quantify how happy I am that in spite of them still being one of the hardest bands to talk to people about via text that !!! (Chk Chk Chk) are still around and consistently cranking out the hits but tbh it would take awhile and you came here for bops so let’s just keep things moving along, shall we?

Following their latest LP MEGAM!!!X Vol. 1: Shake Shake Shake the legendary dance punk outfit has returned to share a double single, “UR Paranoid” x “Off The Grid” along with the promise of more music to come.

In addition to the tracks the band also unveiled a music video for, “UR Paranoid” that according to a post on the band’s Facebook was partially shot in an abandoned mall that they broke into.

In addition to new music (and allegedly more on the way), the band also has a handful of festival gigs and such lined up. Dates below!

Upcoming !!! Shows

8 Lanzarote Spain Sonido Liquidos Festival

9 Bethlehem PA Musikfest
10 Harrisburg PA Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center

7 Raleigh NC Hopscotch Festival

Calvin Harrs Added To Pacific Festival: OC Lineup

Pacific Festival: OC has just announced that our favorite "non-singer" of a producer Calvin Harris has been added to the 2011 lineup. It will be Calvin's first time performing in Orange County. The 2nd Annual event will take place on August 13, 2011 at Oak Canyon Ranch at Irvine Lake in Orange County, CA.

Some early bird tickets for both general admission and VIP are already available, so you'll want to head over to the Pacific Festival:OC's Eventbrite page for more information. 

For the rest of the lineup, have a look after the jump!

[Watch] !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass" (Video)

This video is one giant sexual innuendo which is always a good thing and the song is also a catchy number. Taken from Strange Weather, Isn't It? the track and video fit together like (as the video demonstrates) two rampant flowers. Chk Chk Chk are on tour now in the UK and europe and the dates are over on their Myspace. Wait 'til the end of the video to check out an amazing magic trick which I am still open mouthed at!

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