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[Interview] Anand Wilder (of Yeasayer) Talks 'Fragrant World', Drug Culture, and the 'Total Recall' Remake

Yeasayer is one of those bands that relishes in its oddities, embracing the weird and creating wholly unique psychedelic music. Drawing influences from genres and styles from around the world, the Brooklyn outfit can be hard to define, but that is what makes them so good. Since releasing their debut LP All Hour Cymbals back in 2007, Yeasayer have been ever-changing. Experimenting in various ways, the band has explored what makes a song anthemic, the importance, or lack thereof, of hooks and choruses, and with their new LP Fragrant World, they're questioning the "pop" mentality altogether. 

Fragrant World, the band's third full-length album, shows a great deal of progression for Yeasayer, with Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder challenging their previous boundaries. The album strays away from the idea of having one or two radio-friendly singles, opting rather for a more complete, cohesive experience. Each song captures a theme or idea, delving into a myriad of off-kilter-yet-catchy instrumentation, yet when placed within the entirety of Fragrant World, every song fits seamlessly. This aspect of the album instantly piqued my curiosity, so when I had the opportunity to chat with Anand, the band's guitarist, I immediately delved into the topic. Meeting at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom, Anand and I discussed the new album, the importance of festivals, and drug culture in North America and Europe. There was also a lot of discussion about the new Total Recall remake (note: I still haven't seen it). Stream part one and two of the interview below, with part one focusing on music and Yeasayer and part two focusing on random conversation about movies, Total Recall, and the underground tunnels and Wild West attractions of Pendleton, Oregon.