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[Download] Wugazi - '13 Chambers'

Happy Wu Wednesday! Check out Doomtree's Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy Lund's Wu Tang x Fugazi mashup album Wugazi, 13 Chambers. We've been highly anticipating this album since hearing the group's debut track "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" and now you can download the full album here for free to satisfy your eardrums.

UPDATE: Stream the full album in the player below.

Wugazi • 13 Chambers by WUGAZI  

[Listen] Wugazi - "Slow Like That"

We're one day away until Wugazi Wednesday and we get another taste of Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy's upcoming release 13 Chambers before its release tomorrow. Check out the track "Slow Like That" courtesy of Rolling Stone in the player below. This mash up blends Ghostface Killah and Ne-Yo's 2006 single "Back Like That" with the Fugazi's  "Slo Crostic" cut from the soundtrack to the band's documentary Instrument.

[Download] Wugazi - "Forensic Shimmy"

We get another taste of the upcoming Wu Tang x Fugazi Mash Up Mixtape, Wugazi aka Doomtree's Cecil Otter and "Swiss" Andy Lund of The Swiss Army and The Millionth Word fame, 2 days away from it's release. Check out the newest banger "Forensic Shimmy" which takes Fugazi's classic "Forensic Scene" and combines it with the rhymes of the legendary Ol Dirty Bastard's classic "Shimmy Shimmy Ya."

Wugazi's 13 Chambers drops this Wednesday. Make sure you check out the other mash ups released so far here and also check out Abjekt's interview of Wugazi here.

Forensic Shimmy by WUGAZI


[Download] Wugazi - "Sweet Release"

A week away from it's release, we get another fresh joint from the upcoming Wu Tang x Fugazi mash up album, 13 Chambers by Wugazi who consist of Andy Lund & Doomtree's Cecil Otter. Check out the newest track "Sweet Release" which combines Fugazi's "Sweet and Low" with Method Man's "Release Your Delf."

Check out the previous Wugazi track, "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me",which is a SKoA favorite and blends the classic Wu Banger "C.R.E.A.M." and Fugazi's "I'm So Tired." 13 Chambers drops next week on the 13th as a free download at

Sweet Release by WUGAZI