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[News] Band of Horses Announce New Album: 'Mirage Rock'

Band of Horses have announced their new album to follow up 2010's Infinite Arms. The album is called Mirage Rock and is set for release on September the 17th (UK) and 18th via Columbia Records. Not only do we have a date but we have our first taste of what's to come from the album in the shape of a track called "Knock Knock". If you're crazy eager to grab a copy you can pre-order it over on iTunes

[Watch] Band Of Horses - "Dilly" (Video)

Courtesy of IMDb you can watch the brand new video from Band Of Horses for the track "Dilly" for the next 48 hours. Visually it's awesome and inspired by 70's biker films and was shot entirely on location shot entirely on location in the Mojave desert. It's their latest release from Infinite Arms which you can pick up over here. In relation to this video Band of Horses singer Ben Bridwell said “This is the first of our videos to truly capture the essence of what a day in our personal lives is actually like,”. If this is true then I want to be in the band just for the dancing and the violence. Video is after the jump.



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[Listen] Band Of Horses w/ The University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band - "Georgia" (Cee-Lo Cover)

It's sometimes said that one good turn, deserves another. Earlier in the year Cee-Lo took on Band of Horses' classic "No One's Gonna Love You" which inspired Band of Horses to team up with the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band for their own unique take on “Georgia,” the recently leaked track from Cee Lo’s forthcoming Lady Killer album.

Band of Horses will be also releasing the song as a double A-side 7-inch with Cee Lo’s rendition of “No One’s Gonna Love You,” along with an exclusive preorder bundle including the Band of Horses/Cee Lo 7-inch, a limited edition T-shirt featuring “Georgia”-specific artwork and the digital single of “Georgia.” The T-shirt and 7-inch can be purchased separately, and the 7 inch purchase comes with an instant grat download of both tracks. 

You can take a listen of BOH's cover below and then swing over to their website here, to get your hands on that upcoming 7" single. Rock!

Band Of Horses w/ The University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band - "Georgia" (Cee-Lo Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] Cee-Lo Green - "No One's Gonna Love You" (Band of Horses Cover) x "ChamPain"

Finally, we got a hold of the mastered CDQ version of Cee-lo's cover of Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You" off his upcoming album Lady Killer. But thats not all, over at Mr. Green's website he's giving away two tracks, "Georgia" and "ChamPain", for joining his mailing list. Pretty awesome huh? 

We got "ChamPain" for you also down below. This track has not been confirmed to appear on Lady Killer but it was released on Cee-Lo's latest mixtape Stray Bullets. Check out both tracks below and click on the Stray Bullets link for more Cee-Lo freshness.

Cee-Lo Green Is The Lady Killer by Some Kind of Awesome