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[Watch] Basement Jaxx - "What a Difference Your Love Makes" (Official Video)

Basement Jaxx are back with a brand new video for their recently previewed track, "What a Difference Your Love Makes" which was filmed in Johannesburg. The video sees a couple of gents dancing their way through the streets; the dance they're doing is called Pantsula. Apparently the dancing became "popular in the 80s and is still practiced by the young, fashionable & rebellious in the townships." So yeah, go on, be a rebel and watch it below.

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[Listen] Basement Jaxx - "The Ends"

As for the film this music is set to accompany, the trailer I've seen numerous times on TV over the past few weeks hasn't really sold me. Attack the Block sees a bunch of youths on an estate saving the world and themselves from some alien like predators. But that's not why we should be excited (this is a music blog after all). Today we get our first taste of Basement Jaxx's work for the films soundtrack, in the form of this track, "The End". Give it a listen below and look out for the film when it hits cinemas on May 13th. Via P4K.

[Listen] Ratcliffe - "Tightrope"

"Tightrope" comes to us off the upcoming EP Dorus Rijkers, from half of the Basement Jaxx's Ratcliffe. This is Ratcliffe's followup release to City Dreams from all the way back in 1995, so this has been a long time coming. According to Ratcliffe himself, “The music was made with an urban cinescape in mind, a soundtrack to a dreamer's life, reaching through the clouds of chaos and confusion that is the modern city to find beauty and peace."

Dorus Rijkers will be available on June 6th, courtesy of Atlantic Jaxx.

Tightrope - Ratcliffe by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings

[Download] Basement Jaxx and Cecile Remix Vampire Weekend's "White Sky"

I was going to post this earlier in the week but I wanted to make sure we gave you guys some quality. That being said we got the CDQ versions of Basement Jaxx and Cecile's remix of the Vampire Weekend jam "White Sky". Enjoy mofos!

Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (Basement Jaxx Club Mix) by Some Kind of Awesome

Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (Cecile Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome