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[Listen] Battles - 'Dross Glop' (Remix Album Stream)

We've had bits from the Dross Glop remix releases from Battles over the last few months but today we can stream the album in its entirety. The mixes are a mixed bag with some being a little stronger but all in all for a remix album it is pretty solid, as was the original album that's lead us here, Gloss Drop. See what you make of all the remixes below via The Fader and look out for it when it drops next week on the 17th of April.

[Listen] Battles - "Africastle" (Kode9 Remix)

As we've mentioned a couple of times, Battles are putting together a remix package called Dross Glop gathering mixes of their album Gloss Drop from all walks of the musical wilderness. Today we get to listen to another take on their track "Africastle" from Kode9 which whill feature on the release that's now set for release on April 17th via Warp. Give the remix from Kode9 a listen below and jump over here to check out some you may have missed.

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[Listen] Battles - "White Electric" (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

As previously reported, Battles are releasing a four-part series featuring remixes of tracks from their Gloss Drop LP. The releases are cleverly titled: Dross Glop. Today you can stream another track from, this time from Dross Glop 2, a reworking of "White Electric" from Shabazz Palaces. To be released on February 20th it'll feature other reworkings from Kode 9 and The Alchemist.

Jump over here to stream two remixes from Dross Glop 1.


[News] Battles Announce Four Part Remix Series, 'Dross Glop'

Battles last year released the awesome sounding Gloss Drop and they'll treat fans in 2012 to a four part remix series titled Dross Glop. The first installment, Dross Glop 1, will be release on the 21st of February on a  12″ vinyl. The first release will feature remixes of "Sweetie & Shag" by The Field and "Wall Street" will be re-worked by Gui Boratto. Give them both a try before you buy below.

Battles - "Sweetie & Shag" (The Field Remix)

Battles - "Wall Street" (Gui Boratto remix)

[Watch] Battles - "My Machines" Feat. Gary Numan (Official Video)

More visuals for your eyes to enjoy today, this time it's from those New Yorkers Battles and their track "My Machines" which features vocals and a cameo from Gary Numan. Yes, Gary Numan! A weird combination if I ever did hear one but it works well. A pretty cool looking video too which using an abandoned Mall (shopping centre to us Brits). Give it a watch and thank The Creators Project for the heads up. 

[Watch] TV On The Radio, Battles, Elbow, Chemical Brothers & Warpaint Glastonbury 2011 Highlights

If you've been living under a rock for the past week then you may have missed last weekend, which musically was what we'd call a goodie. With the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival being this year the festival went off with a huge bang. Loads of surprise sets not to mention the actual line up minus surprise sets. We posted a good deal of our favourites yesterday (sorry if they got taken down before you got a chance to watch 'em but the internet police got to some). Today though we have our final blast of personal faves for you to sit back enjoy.

We have TV On The Radio for you to enjoy firstly up at the top followed by Battles after the jump. Then my local boys done good Elbow will entertain you with some great sing alongs from the crowd. Don't fret though, there's still two more lots of highlights to check out after that with a great set from The Chemical Brothers and a chilled set from those sultry girls, Warpaint

With it being such a momentous weekend of live music in a rather large gathering of fields in the UK Countryside why not soak it up from the comfort of your home or office. Sit back and enjoy one of the greatest festivals the world has to offer. It'll be 2013 when we next see bands performing at Worthy Farm with them taking a year off next year to rest the  fields (plus there's some event in London with loads of Athletes and stuff, the Olympics or something, Google it). So until 2013 let's have a toast to the organisers and performers for what was truly a great weekend of music.



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