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[News] RockNess Festival Announced. Biffy Clyro, Deadmau5, Mumford & Sons to Headline

Scotland's RockNess festival has announced their initial line-up and it's an interesting mix. They've managed to get Scotland's very own Biffy Clyro to headline along with Deadmau5 and folk heroes Mumford & Sons. As well as the headliners a few others have been announced. Azealia Banks, Ed Sheeran, Justice, Metronomy and TEED also make up some of the bill. See above for everyone announced so far. 

The festival will take place in Loch Ness in the highlands on the weekend of June 8th -June 10th. Tickets are on sale now.

[Watch] Beardy Man on Conan

This has made my morning. I remember being at SXSW with Kibbe, Rocko and Mark and walking into Buffalo Billiards to see what Billboard had going on. On stage I see a guy who looked familiar as hell, but he was ranting and raving behind a computer screen in an American accent. I dismissed it as a mistake and that my jet lagged mind was just playing tricks on me. Then, a hi-hat, followed by a bass drop and some other drum beats. But wait, that came from where? Beardy Man's mouth that's where. Stood 2 feet away from me was the UK's top beat boxers and all round funny man, and in turn all 4 of us were open mouthed at the sounds coming out of this guys mouth.

It looks like Beardy Man will impact even more people across the pond this week too as last night he appeared on Conan O'Brien's show to lay down some of his improvised beats and rhymes. A crazy talented guy doing what he loves. If you haven't checked this guy out, go do it. Some of the most interesting and improbable sounds come from this guy, and you can't look away. Go pick up his album if you like the sounds of this. Thanks to Audio Perv for the vid.