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[Watch] Björk - "Cosmogony" Live on The Colbert Report

Last night Björk paid a visit to Stephen Colbert to chat about, well all sorts, and to put in a performance of  "Cosmogony" from her latest LP, Biophilia. The appearance comes ahead of her scheduled New York Residency which sees her playing 10 nights across February and the very beginning of March. Catch the performance at the top complete with Choir as we saw on Jools Holland late last year. After the jump you can enjoy Stephen and Björk having a talk about Iceland and the album itself. Thanks to The Audio Perv for the video support.

[Watch] Björk - "Thunderbolt" (Live Video)

A new video for Björk has shown up online but this one's legit and it features some cool ass footage from her residency at the Manchester International Festival. Weird that we've had two MIF related posts today with the 11 track preview from Damon Albarn and his Dr. Dee Opera. Cool though hey? 

Bjork says you should listen/watch the video with the use of "headphones or proper speakers when you listen". She also says please, so she's polite about it. Take her advice and then hit play on the video above.

Biophilia is out now via Nonesuch.

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[News] Björk’s 'Biophilia' Pushed Back Two Weeks

Bad news eager Björk fans, CoS reports that her highly anticipated album Biophilia, was set to make her loyal fans very happy later this month but now both labels that were putting out the album; One Little Indian & Nonesuch Records, have come out and said it has indeed been pushed back a few weeks. This now means if you're in the UK like me you'll be waiting until the 10th of October to grab a copy and in the US it's a day later on the 11th. 

[Listen] Björk - "Moon"

Check out the latest track from Björk's upcoming seventh studio album, the app based LP Biophilia titled "Moon". This is the first of 10 from the new album dropping September 27th and will be released via the Biophilia app and digitally on September 7th. Take a look at the album's full tracklisting below which feature the previously released singles, "Crystalline", "Cosmogony" and "Virus".  There will also be an extended digipak edition of the album which will feature 3 extra songs which include the Thom Yorke collab "Nattura" and rearranged versions of "Hollow" and "Dark Matter" .

1. Moon
2. Thunderbolt
3. Crystalline
4. Cosmogony
5. Dark Matter
6. Hollow
7. Virus
8. Sacrifice
9. Mutual Core
10. Solstice
11. Hollow (Original 7 Minute Version)* 
12. Dark Matter (With Choir & Organ)*
13. Nattura*

* These songs will only appear on the digipak version of Biophilia

UPDATE: Taken down per label's request

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[Watch] Björk - "Crystalline" (Video)

Björk has let loose her visuals for "Crystalline" and has paired up with Michel Gondry, who’s worked with Bjork before on videos for songs like "Joga", "Army Of Me", "Human Behaviour" and "Declare Independence". The video is a space scene with some cool stop motion action along with some hand drawn graphics of a psychedelic nature. Björk appears in a floating orb/planet of sorts while the moon like ground below constantly evolves.

A very cool looking video, but then what else did we expect from Björk at this stage!? This track and "Cosmogony" are available for download ahead of Biophilia‘s release on September 27th. 

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[Listen] Björk – "Cosmogony"

Tomorrow Bjork will release her next taste of Biophilia in the form of the track "Cosmogony" and with that will come the availability of her App too! We've touched on this before as the singr will release an app for each of the ten songs on her album all will eventually work together and bounce off of one another in some sort of way. CoS has some pictures of the app along with some further descriptions via the New Zealand iTunes App Store (on which the app is already available). Along with some retro looking screen caps which make me want to go play Asteroids or some old school game of that sort. You know the ones I mean. They look pretty darn cool

You may remember the instrumental from the Solar System app that was released on the iPad earlier this year. Give it a spin and let us know what you guys think. Also, what do you think of this whole App per song gig. Cool or just another way to shift some single? Let us know!

[Listen] Björk - "Crystalline"

Here it is! The first single from Bjork's forthcoming app based album Biophilia titled "Crystalline." The track sounds like..."NOTHING! Don't compare Bjork to anyone!" (Let's see how many people get that quote.) But in all seriousness, this track is a nice return for our favorite Icelandic musical genius. I'm totally digging this one especially towards the end. Enjoy! 

[Listen] Flying Lotus Reworks Björk

Check out a re-work from Flying Lotus of some Björk. What a combination, Björk's strung out vocals from "Pagan Poetry" laid on top of a FlyLo trippy beat makes for a weird yet brilliant combo. The two tracks are synced up remarkably well, making for a very intriguing listen from start to finish. Hit play below to give it a spin and check out FlyLo's other recently added tracks over on his Soundcloud page including Massive Attack and Mr. Oizo remixes!

Flying Lotus// BJork//Shiver by Flyinglotus