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[Listen] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Gangs In The Garden"

It's finally October! Which means 2 things in my book, we get a new album psychedelic, electronic rockers Black Moth Super Rainbow titled Cobra Juicy later this month and I get to be ultra weird in my Halloween costume of A. Mr. McGibblets from the TV show The League or B. Frank The Bunny from Donnie Darko while soundtracking my Halloween to the new BMSR album like everyone who reads this blog should be doing! If you aren't shame on you and hopefully this new track from the upcoming album will change your mind.

Peep the latest BMSR cut titled "Gangs in the Garden" in the player below and if you didn't preorder Cobra Juicy in the band's awesome Kickstarter (I sure as hell did! But I regret not ordering it to get one of those kick ass masks featured in the Windshield Smasher video), you can still preorder the album at BMSR's website and also on iTunes which also features samples of the upcoming album.

Cobra Juicy is set to drop just in time for Halloween on October 23rd. Cop it!

[Listen] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Windshield Smasher" (Odd Nosdam Remix)

Goddamn Wednesday! You sure are keeping me busy with some awesome tunes. If you missed out on Black Moth Super Rainbow's awesome video for their latest single "Windshield Smasher", you better jump on that shit now! Then when you are done with that check out the chill remix of the track by Anticon's Odd Nosdam below which is set to appear on the Windshield Smasher EP out digitally August 28 on the band's label Rad Cult. Check it out and head over to to order the super limited CD Maxi-Single.

[Watch] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Windshield Smasher" (Video)

Happy New Music Tuesday everyone! And what better way to start off the day than getting weird with Black Moth Super Rainbow and their new video for the track "Windshield Smasher" from their upcoming album Cobra Juicy. Peep the video above, directed by Bo Mirosseni, which features a lost couple that take a wrong turn down an alley full of Orange masked goons. Sound bleek right? But then the story gets...lets just say interesting. Cobra Juicy is set to drop on October 9th and you can still preorder the album (as well as score yourself an orange mask as well as other awesome packages) on the group's Kickstarter for the new album here.

[Listen] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Windshield Smasher"

Finally after 2 long years we now have a set release date for Black Moth Super Rainbow's forthcoming LP Cobra Juicy. The album is set for release October 9th via the group own label, Rad Cult and to celebrate the announcement, Tobacco and crew have let loose the first single from the new album titled "Windshield Smasher". The song definitely sounds more like a Tobacco solo track due to it's dark soundscape than a BMSR song, but Tobaxx did announce that the new album would sound different from previous BMSR releases and more like a "demon skater".

Check out the new track below and then head over to the band's Kickstarter to pre-order the new LP. You can also read about the band's Kickstarter here. Enjoy creatures.

[News] Black Moth Super Rainbow Announce Kickstarter For New LP, 'Cobra Juicy'

I feel I done my buddy Tom Fec aka BMSR frontman TOBACCO wrong by announcing this news a bit late, but better now than never right? Anyways, Fec and the rest of Black Moth Super Rainbow have been hard at work for the past 2 years or so, working on the follow up to 2009's Eating Us. BMSR originally announced the follow up album Psychic Love Damage later changed to Love Damage last year but the album was later scrapped and the group went back to the drawing board.

Fast forward to present day, after over 2 years in the making, and one do-over, we have a new Black Moth Super Rainbow album titled Cobra Juicy which is set to be released this fall. TOBACCO explains that the concept of the new record is pretty different from the previous BMSR releases stating "the ideas are a little more demon-skater" and promises "that's a good thing." Cobra Juicy is set to be released through the band's own label Rad Cult with the first single "Windshield Smasher" set to release next month.

The new LP is also available to pre-order via Kickstarter and includes lots of awesome packages such as the album in actual mask form. Say what!? Thats right a latex rictus modeled after the crazy citrus on the coverart (done by Dan Park) above with the music stored on a USB tooth jammed into the grinning maw. Fucking awesome. And if you are massively balling and got some cash to burn (throw me some cash first off) and then drop $10,000 and TOBACCO WILL THROW YOU YOUR OWN ROLLER DISCO PARTY AND DJ. Just remember to invite the SKoA crew.

And just announced, if you pledge $8 or above, BMSR will be throwing in a download EP of the scrapped album Psychic Love Damage (which from the tracks I heard is incredibly dope). But thats not all, the scrapped EP will also be released on Vinyl for an extra 15 bucks unless you already dropped $125 on the kickstarter, which you will get the vinyl included with your order. But enough talk from me about this awesome package of holy fucking goddliness, how about we let Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!? get you super hyped for this? Check the video below and make sure you keep up with all the updates on the Kickstarter here.

If that doesn't get you fuckin excited enough, TOBACCO has let loose a free download of one of the tracks from the Psychic Love Damage EP titled "The Wettest Day." Grab the track below as well as checking out a stream for the previous tune "Spraypaint" below, which is set to appear on Juicy Cobra. Fuck that was a lot to type, but trust me anything Black Moth Super Rainbow is well worth it. Honest.

[Listen] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Spraypaint" x "Like A Sundae" (Preview)

Tom Fec aka Tobacco has been busy of late since previously scrapping the last BMSR album in progress Psychic Love Damage. But aside from working on new solo material and a collaboration called Demon Queen with Zackey Force Funk, he's also preparing the long awaited new Black Moth Super Rainbow LP, the band's first since 2009's Eating Us. Tobaxx has been previewing songs from the scrapped and upcoming album at various shows, Soundcloud and even on but now we get our first official taste with 2 new tracks "Spraypaint" and "Like A Sundae" hopefully appearing on the new LP coming soon.

Take a listen to "Spraypaint" at BMSR's Soundcloud page and check out the preview of "Like A Sundae" below.

[Listen] Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Dreamsicle Bomb"

While doing some work this weekend, I just happened to run across this: A NEW TRACK FROM BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW'S NEW ALBUM PSYCHIC LOVE DAMAGE! Yeah, it's that surrrrious. Check out the track "Dreamsicle Bomb" in the player below from the group's upcoming album dropping next year and if you still haven't got your fill of BMSR, check out them take on songs from Holy Fuck and Shugo Tokumaru on Hand Drawn Dracula's free EP Vicious Circles Vol. 1. Let's all have some shrooms and trip while listening to BMSR.

UPDATE: Stream taking down per Tobacco's request. So I hope you got to enjoy it while you had the chance.

[$FREE.99] Hand Drawn Dracula's Vicious Circles EP Vol. 1 (Black Moth Super Rainbow / Holy Fuck / Shugo Tokumaru)

It's finally here! Grab the long awaited compilation from Hand Drawn Dracula featuring new music from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Holy Fuck and Shugo Tokumaru. The EP features songs from each band reinterpting each others work and making them as awesome as the original or better like Shugo's cover of BMSR's hit "Sun Lips".  Pick up your free EP in exchange for your email in the widget below courtesy of Hand Drawn Dracula and make sure you visit their Facebook page and "Like" it for more free music each month.


1. Shugo Tokumaru performs Holy Fuck’s Lovely Allen

2. Black Moth Super Rainbow performs Shugo Tokumaru’s Hidamari

3. Holy Fuck performs Shugo Tokumaru’s Hole In Your Parachute

4. Shugo Tokumaru performs Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Sun Lips

5. Black Moth Super Rainbow performs Holy Fuck’s The Pulse