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[Night Out] Blackbird Blackbird @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/24/2015)
Mikey Maramag aka the homey Blackbird Blackbird @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/24/2015)

Mikey Maramag aka the homey Blackbird Blackbird @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/24/2015)

I honestly couldn't tell you how I came across Blackbird Blackbird. It was such a long time ago now. I just remember the first time I heard "Pure" and I knew what one man band Mikey Maramag was doing was something very special and I'm glad that in the 5 years since I heard that song that I wasn't wrong. Anyway, the planets finally aligned and at long last I go to see my longtime Twitter homey grace us with his presence at Brooklyn Bowl. I've been listening to him for such a long time but it never occurred to me how much is going on when he plays live. It made me respect him even more, honestly. The layers of textures that he's carefully crafted together have always been my favorite thing about his sound and it translated incredibly well live.

I'm bummed that we didn't get to hang as was initially planned, but as they say life is what happens while you're busy making plans. I have no doubt that he'll be back soon enough and maybe next time when I literally bump into Dave 1 while grabbing pre-show tacos that he'll be by my side like a true taco bae does.

If you haven't heard Blackbird Blackbird's latest album, Strawberry Light then you are truly missing out on greatness.

Oh yeah, and have a look around at the photos I snapped at Brooklyn Bowl in the slideshow below:

[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: September 2012

Some Kind of Mixtape - September from skoablog on 8tracks Radio.

It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr.... well, for releases anyways. Now that fall is officially hear, everyone and their next door neighbor are releasing something (or are about to) and we are more than ready to embrace them all with open ears. Don't be surprised if we end up doing multiple mixes a month for awhile to make sure that none of the good stuff makes it to the cutting room floor in the SKOA HQ. Please enjoy Some Kind of Mixtape: September 2012  courtesy of the 8tracks player above. Make sure you head over to 8tracks and check out our other mixtapes, to. Oh, and as always, make sure you have a look below to learn more about the tracks selected for this mix.


kibbe, rocko, shey & adrian


Tame Impala - "Elephant"

When they released their debut in 2010 I was kind of indifferent towards them. Not because I didn't like what I heard but I don't think I let myself listen to Tame Impala all that much around my normal listening patterns. With album two this will not be happening. Lead single from Lonerism is a psych-rock chug of a track called "Elephant" and yeah, it's been floating around the net since back in July but it's a bloody great track that just gets better and better with each listen. The album is just as good and set for release next week on October 9th so why not pick it up. - Shey

P.O.S. - "Fuck Your Stuff"

For the 2nd month in a row, Doomtree rhyme spitter P.O.S. makes it on our SKoA mixtape with his 2nd single "Fuck Your Stuff" from the upcoming album We Don't Even Live Here dropping later this month. The Lazerbeak production on the track has a nice mainstream rap feeling but P.O.S. keeps the track true to his roots with his anti-material rhymes and punk demeanor making this one to bump loudly in your whip while flying your rebellion flag high. - Rocko

Lucius - "Turn It Around"

I simply cannot stop championing NYC band Lucius. I am so proud of how far they come, especially with tracks like "Turn It Around" off their most recent self-titled EP. The song stomps through your ear drums as singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe boldy belt and blend their beautiful vocals and walk you through the trails of a girl  who is unable to let go of a failed relationship. The sheer power in this song as well as the rest of the EP is why I can't stop coming back to it. - Kibbe

Ricky Eat Acid - "(stay)"

Sam Ray's ambient soundscapes are always a pleasure to indulge in, and "(stay)" is in no way different. Using a somewhat out-of-left-field Ashanti sample, the producer builds around it with a pounding haziness and echoing synthesizers. It's easy to get lost in the dreamy sounds that Ricky Eat Acid offers here. Who knew Ashanti was still a viable presence in music? - Adrian

Deftones - "Leathers"

We've been waiting for Deftones new album for what seems like forever. I'm exaggerating of course but their last studio release was Diamond Eyes and with that they raised the already high bar they'd set themselves. That album was devine to listen to from front to back and their new tease of LP number seven, Koi No Yokan, seems to have picked up just where that one left off. Titled "Leathers" it's a rather chilled out introduction before your head is knocked off your shoulders with Chino's screech of a vocal. It's the kind of track your parents might tell you to turn down if you're living at home with it on yet all you want to do is turn it up louder. The new album is set for release on November 12th via Reprise and we are oh so excited. - Shey

Breakbot - "Break of Dawn"

It's hard for me to talk about Breakbot without comparing his music to my favorite Daft Punk album, Discovery. With the release of his debut LP, By Your Side, Breakbot brings back the funk with his signature electronic disco style which will keep you grooving all night long and again reminds me of all my favorite parts of Daft Punk's sophomore album. Don't believe me? Take a listen for yourself with the opening track "Break of Dawn". By Your Side is out in Europe and we hope to see a stateside release very soon. - Rocko

Blackbird Blackbird - "All"

My addiction to Blackbird Blackbird has everything to do with how effortless every lushly layered track that they release seems to be. "All" is no exception to this. Since we first met the electronic outfit it's quite apparent that they have most certainly continued to step up their game. This time around they pair dark hazy vocals with bright chiming synths and gentle murmurring guitars. Definitely worth grabbing for yourself. - Kibbe

Patchwork - "Cigarettes"

If there is anything Patchwork absolutely nails with every release, it's mood. The guy knows how to evoke a certain atmosphere and emotion in his songs, such that it translates seamlessly to the listener. "Cigarettes" is the type of song perfectly fitting for those nights where you find yourself in the city late at night, being swept up in all kinds of crazy experiences and meeting new people left and right. It has a certain mystery to it, a sense of ambiguity and curiosity that urges you to continue listening, despite the uncertainty. It is charming yet skeptical, a song that is somehow as addicting as its title implies. - Adrian

Danny! - "Evil"

It's been a long time coming for Danny Swain who has been trying to out his latest record Payback for the last few year. After running the gauntlet and overcoming the label circus, Danny! has found a home with buddy ?uestlove of The Roots and his newly revamped OkayPlayer label. After being signed to the label, Danny dropped the first official single from Payback titled "Evil" featuring Gavin Castleton and Amber Rose Tamblyn which I haven't been able to stop playing since its release and witnessing Danny's domination of Jimmy Fallon performing the track alongside The Legendary Roots Crew. Payback is out now. Go pick it up. - Rocko

Muse - "Panic Station"

Haters gonna hate. I've been an avid Muse fan for quite some time and with each release they get more and more wacky and crazy. Their new album The 2nd Law is no exception and with it being released this week the world over people are struggling to find a set theme for the album. It jumps from genre to genre like a fly on crap but if you throw enough of said crap at a wall it's bound to stick eventually, right? Some indeed does and an early favourite of mine is track three; a funk filled, slap base heavy eccentric piece just showcases how well Muse can be Muse when they want to be. Yeah they're going to be everywhere for the next 12 months or so but so be it, when they can go from playing heavy RATM riffs to something like this and then a dance-filled Dad rock number all in the space of 10 minutes it's going to get weird. - Shey

Y LUV - "Driftin"

Following their EP How Chill Can You Let Go comes a new track, "Driftin" from LA rockers Y LUV. This time around the four-piece show a new depth that they hadn't explored in tracks like, "All Night" as the song slowly gets ahold of your heart strings and refuses to let you go until the very end. It's easily just as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. "Driftin" is off their new EP, It Doesn't Have To Make Sense, which was released yesterday. You can stream it over on Soundcloud.

Teen Daze - "Garden 2" (from his upcoming LP The Inner Mansions)

I've listened to this song over and over since Vancouver producer Teen Daze dropped it two weeks ago, and every single time I come to the same conclusion: the song is absolutely stunning. In a way that quickly recalls the tranquility that Sigur Rós so often exemplifies, "Garden 2" is a beautiful and dazzling arrangement. It is a sensory overload, yes, but one that you want to submerge yourself in and listen again and again. I tweeted this to Teen Daze yesterday, and it sums up this song nicely: ""Garden 2" is an amazingly tranquil song. I just wanna lay in a field and smoke with a pair of headphones on." 'Nuff said. - Adrian

[Listen] Blackbird Blackbird - "Happy With You"

Not sure how I fell off the Blackbird Blackbird bandwagon for awhile but with this new song I am totally back in the game. From his upcoming Boracay Planet EP we have "Happy With You", which sounds like something that belongs on an indie movie soundtrack of some sort. The whirring strings and the gentle plucking of the acoustic guitar adds a certain warmth and inner glow to the song that I had yet to experience from a BB track, so props for including those layers.

Boracay Planet is due for a physical release on CD and vinyl sometime this year. You can expect to be receiving updates from us when a release date is confirmed.

[Watch] Blackbird Blackbird - "Pure" (Video)

Check out this neat video for Blackbird Blackbird's track "Pure" from his 2010 album Let's Move On Together. The video was directed by Eli Stonberg who, according to Prefix, reached out to Blackbird Blackbird and offered to put together the video for this track. The mulitangle skate video fits the disjointed story within "Pure" pretty well, but it will knock your senses for six trying to focus on all of the angles at once.  

Give the video a look at the top and don't blame me if a) it makes you feel queezy or b) makes you want to drop whatever you have planned and go skate the day away.

[Download] Gang Gang Dance - "Mind Killa (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)"

As if "Mind Killa" couldn't get anymore heavy and dancy, Blackbird Blackbird goes and rubs some glitch dirt all over the track into every little nook and cranny.

If you've been digging BB's stuff as much as I have, you should check out his Kickstarter campaign and help him fund his upcoming album.


[Download] Blackbird blackbird - "Halo"
Fresh out of the oven we have a new jam from Blackbird blackbird! "Halo" breaks on to the scene showing us a different side of the group. While "Halo" isn't filled with a bright collage of sounds as "Give You Everything" or "Erasers", there is still such warmth coming from this shoegaze-esque song. 
Have a listen for yourself below and grab it if you're feeling it!
Blackbird blackbird wil be playing at SXSW 2011 at Karma Lounge on March 17th at 10:45pm. Keep your eye out for us! We'll be there!
[Listen] Blackbird Blackbird - "Give You Everything"
Check out Blackbird Blackbird's single "Give You Everything" below. Yet again, BB has delievered another carefree tune to brighten up these dreary winter days. Imagine what listening to these jams will be like come late spring/early summer! Permanently smile on your face guaranteed. 
If you're digging this as much as we are, then make sure you head on over to iTunes and buy it