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[Watch] Blink-182 - "After Midnight" (Official Video)

Blink-182 have debuted the new official visuals for their Neighborhoods featuring single, "After Midnight". The video sees Mark, Tom and Travis performing in an empty airplane hanger mixed together with scenes of two youths from a Psych ward having the night of their lives. The troubled pair basically cause a lot of chaos in a hospital before anyone manages to catch them. Setting off fire alarms, swimming in an empty swimming pool, messing up all the meds whilst wearing white coats to name just a few of their escapades! It looks like fun and the video is sure to warm your heart a little on a cold winters day. You can watch it after the jump, where it autoplays.

Neighborhoods is out everywhere now.

[Watch] Blink-182 - "Wishing Well" (Official Video)

Blink-182 are playing yet another fun little game with the internet for their video "Wishing Well". Whilst the hash tag #Blink182 is trending you can watch the video, but if it drops off the trending topics, the video goes too. So in short, I'll shut up and let you guys watch it whilst it's still available. Just jump on over here to do so.

The video will be upped to Youtube next week though so if the Twitter faithful stop caring and it drops off the trends we'll edit in the solid video stream then. 

Neighborhoods is out now.

[Watch] Blink-182 - "Up All Night" x "After Midnight" Live on Kimmel

Blink-182 made a triumphant return with the release of their album, Neighborhoods, and last night Mark, Tom and Travis brought their older looking selves to the stage of Jimmy Kimmel for two performances of tracks from their new release. First up they ripped through lead single "Up All Night" and secondly they laid down a solid performance of "After Midnight". Is it me or does Tom sometimes over do his weird voice habits in a live situation? As to be expected though, Travis tears his kit up and is a joy to watch but whatever you think of this bunch whether you love 'em or hate 'em, up at the top you can enjoy "Up All Night" and after the jump you can enjoy "After Midnight" courtesy of our good friends over at The Audio Perv, where else. 

[Watch] Blink-182 - "Heart's All Gone" (Official Video)

A few weeks back at a Blink-182 show on the Honda Civic Tour fans were treated to not one but two performances of "Heart's All Gone". No they weren't so drunk that they forgot what track they were up to on the set list, they were in fact shooting a live video for that very song. The results of which can be watched at the top of the page. Directed by Jason Bergh the video helps to get across some of the energy these guys throw into a live show. Travis on drums will always astound me. 

Neighborhoods is out now via Geffen.

[Listen] Blink-182 - 'Neighborhoods' (Full Album Stream)

The wait is over for you twenty somethings that have long awaited of this day. Blink 182 have been kind enough to upload their new album, Neighborhoods, in full via Youtube. To me it sounds like old Blink and from scanning Twitter most fans seem happy with it. With Tom's guitar and vocals paired with Travis' undeniable driving drum beats added to Mark's melodic choruses and bass lines, it was bound to make you look back to a time in your life when all you had to worry about was school and girls. If you're now a teacher with girlfriend/wife troubles I suppose your days may be quite similar, so I apologise to you, but to everyone else enjoy it, it's been a long time coming. After the jump you can stream the album in full. Happy Thursday from Mark, Tom and Travis.

Neighborhoods officially drops on September 27th. 

NOTE: Apologies for my being English and the British spelling of 'Neighborhoods'. Fixed. Pssshhh. As Kibbe says, I am a britch. 

UPDATE: The previous streams were taking it down but you can now hear the full album OFFICIALLY over at KROQ.

[Download] Blink-182 - "After Midnight"

The second in our taste of the new Blink-182 with their track "After Midnight" which was debuted by Zane Lowe a few hours ago. Not only can you listen to the track below but if you head on over to this sit called you can download the track or as they put "win" the track. All you gotta do is get "182" on the game by clicking to start and clicking to stop the counter (shown above). Sounds easier than it is. It took me a while of getting frustrated after getting 181 and 183 about ten times each (29 attempts all together to be precise). Give it a stream below  and try the game over here. Sounds to me like classic Blink with catchy choruses and bouncy verses backed by the beast that is Travis on Drums.

The highly anticipated album Neighborhoods from the band will arrive on September 27th via Geffen if you missed the single "Up All Night" you can check it out over here.

[Listen] Blink-182 - "Hearts All Gone"

As our buddies at OneThirtyBPM have pointed out, Pop Punk's trio have released a new song titled "Hearts All Gone" from their upcoming return album Neighborhoods hidden within the viral website Check out the song below which I think is 1000 times better than the previous album track "Up All Night". Neighborhoods is set for release on September 27th peep the sick album art above that has a nice little DJ AM tribute within.

[Watch] Blink-182's 'Fan Made' Video For "Up All Night"

It's been a long time coming and love them or hate 'em, Blink-182 are here for the next few years at least. I can't help but rekindle a little bit of the pop-punk teenager that is trapped inside me and bop my head to these guys! And to celebrate the release of their first single in 8 years Mark, Tom and Travis chose to do something a little different (or lazy depending on your stand point). The band, along with AT & T, found a tonne of Youtube videos that used their music without permission and compiled them neatly into a video for their new song. Ever uploaded a track of theirs without permission in a Youtube video? Check out the video to see if you made it in and for the nicely synched up lyrics and imagery.