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[Watch] Adele Covers Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me"

Recently at a gig at Manchester's O2 Apollo chart topping, world dominating Adele covered a track that we're all a bit more familier with thanks to a certain Mr. Justin Vernon. We first heard Bon Iver's cover "I Can't Make You Love Me" back in June when it was released as the B-Side to lead single "Calgary". Since the release of Bon Iver's self titled album Adele took to her blog and declared her love for the new Bon iver album stating: "I'm pretty convinced its my record of the year already". I doubt she's alone in feeling that way.

This footage surfacing looks like a good ol' hat tip to Justin and co and the cover itself is hair raising. Adele's vocals always seem so effortless and second nature to her, it's great to watch. Check out the Manchester footage at the top and some footage from the iTunes festival too from July here. It might even have you reaching for the lighter in your pocket and launching it into the air to sway from side to side. Maybe.

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[Watch] Adele - I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt Cover) (Live At iTunes Festival)

Adele made her return to the stage at the iTunes Festival in London this week after getting over her case of laryngitis which led to the cancellation of her North American tour this spring. Even after being put out of commission for a couple of months the soulful Adele came back stronger than ever and performed flawless versions of her hits as well as an amazing cover of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." 

It seems like all of the soulful singers are obsessed with Bonnie Raitt as of late as Bon Iver also covered "I Can't Make You Love Me" mixed with "Nick of Time" for a B-Side to his latest single "Calgary." Well I guess if your album debut's within the top 5 of the Billboard charts you can do whatever the hell you want. Check out the video of Adele's live cover above and Bon Iver's version here then let us know which version you preferred more.